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Founded in 2010, the Danish design brand, &tradition, has established itself as a modern lighting and furniture company that helps preserve Denmark's rich creative history while simultaneously promoting innovative contemporary designs. Overseeing a catalogue of both vintage and contemporary designs, &tradition has reprised products by Danish visionaries, like Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton, while collaborating with celebrated contemporary designers on a range of materially inventive and visually striking furniture and lighting designs.
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Bulb SR1 Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Bulb SR1 Pendant from $185.00
Flowerpot VP4 Table Lamp by &Tradition
&Tradition Flowerpot VP4 Table Lamp from $580.00
Mega Bulb SR2 Lustre Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Mega Bulb SR2 Lustre Pendant $340.00

Topan VP6 Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Topan VP6 Pendant $360.00
Bellevue AJ8 Table Lamp by &Tradition
&Tradition Bellevue AJ8 Table Lamp $735.00
Formakami JH18 Table Lamp by &Tradition
&Tradition Formakami JH18 Table Lamp $359.00

Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp by &Tradition
&Tradition Flowerpot VP3 Table Lamp $580.00
Spinning BH2 Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Spinning BH2 Pendant $499.00
Mega Bulb SR2 Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Mega Bulb SR2 Pendant from $290.00

Journey SHY2 Wall Light by &Tradition
&Tradition Journey SHY2 Wall Light from $449.00
Spinning BH1 Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Spinning BH1 Pendant $499.00
Flowerpot VP2 Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Flowerpot VP2 Pendant $1,050.00

Bellevue AJ9 Wall Light by &Tradition
&Tradition Bellevue AJ9 Wall Light $470.00
Blown SW5 Ceiling Light by &Tradition
&Tradition Blown SW5 Ceiling Light from $584.00
Ice SR3 Pendant by &Tradition
&Tradition Ice SR3 Pendant $269.00

Bellevue AJ7 Floor Lamp by &Tradition
&Tradition Bellevue AJ7 Floor Lamp $1,030.00
Ice SR4 Chandelier by &Tradition
&Tradition Ice SR4 Chandelier $2,024.00