Modern Bathroom Countertop Decor

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What is Modern Bathroom Countertop Decor?

Modern bathroom countertop decor can consist of anything from dishes, trays, and bowls that hold daily essentials and supplies or beautifully decorated pieces that spark joy in your life. At 2Modern, our collection consists of bathroom-ready trays, bowls, tumblers, jewelry boxes, figurines, aroma diffusers, and more all designed to beautifully accent your bathroom space to fit your style. With decor pieces ranging from mid-century modern to contemporary and beyond, our curated selection provides a variety of options to equip your space with functional and beautiful decor pieces ready to make your bathroom space chic and welcoming. 

How Modern Bathroom Countertop Decor Can Accentuate Your Room

While a bathroom serves its obvious purpose, ensuring that you have a well-accented and organized bathroom space means your daily routines will be easier and your family and guests who enter your home will be impressed and feel welcome. To keep all of your essentials out for getting ready in the morning or at night, select several matching trays, tumblers, and bowls to hold everything from your toothbrush and toothpaste to jewelry and makeup. With everything laid out and organized in front of you, you’ll be out the door in no time and ready for the day. If space allows, larger designs for hanging necklaces and other jewelry pieces can keep your favorites within arms reach and ready for your next event. For a guest bathroom, having various pieces of organizational decor gives your friends and family a place to store their own must-haves without messing up your space. A compact aroma diffuser keeps the space smelling fresh, while some less functional pieces like a small statue or figurine gives the bathroom some pizazz. 

Is Modern Bathroom Countertop Decor Going Out Of Style?

We think it's safe to say that most, if not all people prefer an organized and clean bathroom whether at home or away. Bathroom countertop decor will always play a pivotal role in ensuring your space is both well-accented and clutter-free. Purchasing more simple, timeless decor will mean you won’t have to switch things up as trends change, but because of its versatility, bathroom countertop decor in neutral colors should stand the test of time and blend well with a variety of bathroom designs. A pop of color or wild pattern can work to bring in your personality or style preferences so friends and family know you’ve made the space your own. 

Modern Bathroom Countertop Decor FAQs

  • What Should I Put In My Bathroom? 

To maintain a welcoming and functional bathroom – whether it be primary or guest, you’ll want to include a mirror, wastebasket, hand soap, bath towels and washcloths, bathmat, toothbrush holder, hooks to hold wet towels and clothes, extra toilet paper, and plenty of organization accessories to keep things like cotton swabs, lotion, and makeup stored away and safe. 

  • What Color Bathroom Countertop Decor Is In Style?

Your bathroom should be a calm and relaxing space that is a pleasure to use, soft, soothing colors and warm neutrals are always a wise choice. Think shades of soft blue, warm earth tones, soothing greens, charming charcoal, or luxurious jewel tones to accent your space. 

  • How Can I Make My Bathroom Countertop Look Good?

Easy ways to update your bathroom countertop and give it a chic makeover is to add in some greenery or fresh flowers for a hint of biophilic beauty, keep the space organized with matching trays and apothecary jars, store your perfume on a tray to keep it corralled and on display, and invest in pretty, scented soaps to accent that fabulous soap dish you got from 2Modern!