Coffee Table Trays

10 Delicious Serving Platters & Trays

Whether entertaining guests outdoors or having a casual luncheon indoors, setting the scene is half the fun. Our favorite modern serving trays and platters transition from indoors to deck, terrace, or patio seamlessly, offering attractive and versatile backdrops for carrying drinks and displaying hors d'oeuvres—and illustrating that in modern design, presentation may be everything.

20 Dining Room Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Often the social center for the home , the dining room is a great space to express your style, skillfully reflecting the many ways in which you can use it. Peruse our picks for creating the modern dining room of your dreams.

What Are Modern Decorative Trays?

Modern decorative trays are typically visually striking, decor pieces used to hold, display, or store various items in different spaces. Although not typically used for serving food, decorative trays can sometimes be food safe and used for serving purposes or for a meal display. Modern decorative trays can be crafted from wood, marble, stoneware, metal, and even plastic. A perfectly effortless decor piece, modern decorative trays are widely available in various colors, sizes, and shapes to best fit your design aesthetic and your current decor needs. Station on your coffee table, dresser, kitchen counter, bathroom counter, or entryway console table and fill with things like candles, perfumes, flowers, coffee table books, and more.

How Modern Decorative Trays Can Accentuate Your Room

Incredibly versatile and not to mention, mobile, modern decorative trays can be accentuated in an instant to provide an eye-catching decor centerpiece or display vignette. Select any room in need of some decor or organizing and utilize a decorative tray as the solution. Modern decorative trays are the ideal foundation for a dining table centerpiece, bedside table accent, topping a large ottoman in the living room to hold remotes, coasters, and books, or even in your bathroom to hold perfume, soaps, candles, and more. Opt for a color and texture that blends well with your interior design scheme, but may offer a bit of visual appeal and pleasant contrast. Trays with additional detailing can truly make a set-up pop, and tiered trays offer multi-levels of storage space for little trinkets and pieces from your travels, while high-end materials like leather or marble elevate in an instant.

Are Modern Decorative Trays Going Out Of Style?

Thanks to their versatility, beauty, and portability, modern decorative trays will never go out of style. They are endlessly useful and bring an extra layer of decoration to your home that is not found in any other decor. You can easily move your tray about to different spaces within your home, topping it with various items to get the most use out of it. Select multiple trays in varying sizes to suit every surface in your home.

Modern Decorative Trays FAQs

  • How Do I Choose A Decorative Tray?

Think of a decorative tray as the focal point of the room, with the tray being the anchor piece you build your display upon. If you are going to use your tray on a wood table, consider using a metal tray, or for a glass table a wood or basket tray for a touch of contrast and visual appeal. Consider the size of the tray based on what you are looking for it to hold/display as well as the size of the piece of furniture it will be sitting on. Square trays are ideal for ottomans and coffee tables, rectangular trays are great for countertops and console tables, whereas round decorative trays fit just about anywhere.

  • Where Can I Use A Rectangular Tray?

Rectangular trays often offer the most square footage to corral items within your space. Coming in different sizes, of course, a rectangular tray could be used on a coffee table to hold anything from remotes and magazines to candles and flowers or a smaller version could be the perfect accent atop an entryway console table to be used as a catch-all for loose change, keys, and your favorite wallet.

  • What Else Can I Use A Tray For?

Nothing is more exciting or welcoming than using a decorative tray in a guest room to greet friends and family when they come to stay in your home. Top your decorative tray with various items like extra toothbrushes, washcloths, spa slippers, and a sweet treat, and then place them on the bed to let them know that they can help themselves and start relaxing as soon as possible.