Modern Marble - Trend Report

Once a luxury reserved for sculptors and architects, marble's popularity in the modern design world has waxed and waned for decades. But this latest reprisal has a different bent. Far being just a finishing touch in contemporary bathroom and kitchen design, marble has become a primary material of choice for industrial designers—many of whom are imaginatively tapping into the material's durability, versatility and visual beauty in creating inspired modern furniture, lighting and decor.

Pile of white marble chips marble chips

An emblem of luxury, marble's popularity as a modern design material has hit a new, more accessible, zenith.

MENU Marble Wall Clock

Stripped of all unnecessary details, this marble modern clock is a minimalist's dream.

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Modern bathroom with marble floor sand walls

—Via Fresh Home

No longer just a symbol of inaccessible luxury, marble is the latest go-to material when textural richness is key. In the refined, monochromatic modern bathroom, above, the abundance of white marble, shot through with dark veins, artfully echoes the zebra portrait on the wall. Below, an all-white hallway with period moulding provides a dazzling view to a marble-laden minimalist modern bathroom.

Douglas Friedman Photography: Hallway with marble bathroom view

Photo credit: Douglas Friedman

Digital modern art print, featuring marble texture

—Via Les Temps Moderne

Geometric Digital Art Print

A modern art print by design studio Les Temps Moderne, in which simple shapes—and marble patterning—comprise an elegant geometric composition.

Whether real or faux, the rich and delicate patterning that distinguishes marble from other minerals has found application in virtually every modern design discipline.

S'well White Marble Water Bottle

Part of the S'well Elements Collection, the eco friendly White Marble water bottle imbues stainless steel with a high-gloss faux marble exterior.

Water bottles by Swell, featuring marble texture

—Via Swell

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch, featuring pink marble leather finish

—Via Nordstrom

Rebecca Minkoff Leo Clutch

The designer's simple envelope clutch purse is rendered remarkable by a striking marble print finish. Via Nordstrom

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