Moonstruck: Interior Design's Celestial Trend

Designers have been searching the cosmos for inspiration—with heavenly results.

Celestial Modern Lighting

Stars, orbs and other-worldly motifs have been permeating the interior design cosmos for some time, visible on everything from wallpaper to decorative objects. Celestial-inspired lighting, not surprisingly, has yielded some of the most inspired modern designs, tailor-made for planetary possibilities. The Karman Ululi Pendant light, above, is a case in point, its lace-embedded fiberglass globe emitting a hauntingly beautiful glow from a moon-like textured surface. The Vibia Cosmos Cluster Pendant makes a more abstract—but no less ethereal—statement, while the Arteriors Jiten Sconce bursts with golden radiance from either wall or ceiling.


Celestial Wallpaper Motifs

Modern wallpaper designs are exhibiting both direct and indirect celestial influences with sophisticated results. Tempaper's Goodbye Moon temporary wallpaper, above, has a starry elegance that complements both formal and informal settings. Mind the Gap's Universe Planets Wallpaper presents a photo-realist mural in which a bevy of planets float throughout the solar system, and the ethereal metallic composition of Constellations is ready to add a subtle infusion of cosmic glamour to any contemporary interior scheme.