4 Clear Reasons to Embrace the Acrylic Home Decor Trend

Visual lightness is only one benefit of contemporary design's acrylic home decor trend.

1. Acrylic Tables: the perfect small-space solution

Transparent and translucent acrylic—and various other plastic composites—are all the rage in modern design, and no wonder. The modern acrylic trend has much to recommend it, and being ideally suited to small spaces, where basic furniture can sometimes be a squeeze, is a major plus. The Kartell Invisible Dining Table, above, illustrates the point elegantly, its dazzling transparency giving the impression of being barely there, yet presenting plenty of multi-use surface area for a modest dining space. UmbraShift's Magino Stool is the ultimate multi-purpose small space find, acting as seating, end table, and magazine holder in one clear package.

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2. Acrylic Seating: transparency goes with everything

Transparency, whether crystal clear or softly tinted, makes an ideal complement to furniture made from almost any other material. When choosing dining chairs, for instance, pair the lovely Calligaris Parisienne Chair, above, with any dining table—wood, glass, or metal—and watch as the ensemble gives off a deliciously complementary vibe. Need a versatile stool that goes with everything? Try the Kartell Stone Stool—or a pair of them. This contemporary stool's lightweight faceted form brings a touch of glamour to casual seating, and its range of terrific see-through colors easily segues into most any interior color scheme.

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