Elegant Modern Standing Desks by BDI

By now, the health benefits of standing (rather than sitting) while working at a desk have been well documented—and any concerns about standing desks being short on style have been dispelled by the elegant standing desks introduced by BDI. The innovative office furniture and media storage brand has introduced two handsome modern standing desks sure to elevate the work environment of contemporary design lovers everywhere. 

The BDI Sequel Lift Standing Desk quite literally raises the bar for height-adjustable modern desks, presenting a sleek and versatile profile with a digitally programmable keypad that allows the desk to be raised or lowered for both sitting and standing positions. Available in two sizes and a range of wood finishes, the BDI Sequel Standing Desk is both ergonomic and elegant.

The BDI Centro Lift Desk is an equally compelling modern desk, featuring a grey micro-etched glass surface that complements state-of-the-art office devices while providing a practical and roomy work surface. A digitally programmable key pad allows for a smooth upward or downward motion of the powder-coated steel base, which adjusts to standing and sitting height best suited to the user. Available in two sizes, the BDI Centro Lift Desk, along with the BDI Sequel Lift Desk, can be configured with other components from the BDI Centro and Sequel collections.

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