Top 16 Modern Living Room Chairs

Graceful profiles, innovative material choices, and just the right attention to details give our Top 16 Modern Living Room Chairs laid-back style and staying power. Timeless icons and contemporary classics round out a collection of modern living room chairs, designed for kicking back and taking it easy.

Eames Lounge Chair
A true design icon of the 20th century, this instantly recognizable lounge chair design features unparalleled craftsmanship and keen attention to detail resulting in a luxurious and perfectly cushioned seating design just waiting for you to curl up with a good book.
Field Lounge Chair
Curves in all the right places, and a gentle recline make this Mid Century-informed chair a contemporary must-have. A powder-coated steel base, roomy cushioned form, and elegant upholstery colorways will keep you sitting pretty
Roly Poly Armchair
Offering a playful, rounded design, this distinctive lounge chair is suitable for spaces both indoors and out, resulting in a versatile seating design that is equally comfortable as it is eye-catching.
N701 Lounge Chair
Cozy and welcoming, this lounge chair brings the rustic simplicity of Scandinavian-style design to your home. Modular by design, pair with other pieces of varrying sizes to craft the lounge space of your dreams.
Saarinen Womb Chair
One of the great modern chairs of any era, Eero Saarinen's enveloping Mid Century classic remains a perennial 'bucket list' staple. With its iconic form and legendary comfort, Womb was born to be the star of any contemporary room.
Puff Puff Lounge Chair
Sumptuously rounded and cushioned to perfection, this lounge chair sits atop a powder-coated steel base for a sturdy seat. Perfectly tailored and incredibly inviting, get comfortable and kick your feet up with the matching ottoman.
Hamza Lounge Chair
Woven from rattan with leather accents and a muslin seat, this lounge chair offers elevated, organic style perfect for a reading corner in your favorite lounge space or as part of an entryway vignette.
CH07 Shell Chair
An icon of Danish design, the CH07 Shell Chair is characterized by its wing-shaped seat and curved backrest, bringing comfort and warmth to a modern aesthetic.
Pacha Lounge Chair
Plush and upholstered with a striking gold base, this swivel chair showcases rounded curves and pristine tailoring for a cozy and inviting seat that is perfect for lounging.
Spanish Lounge Chair
Innovative and invigorating, crafted from FSC-Certified solid wood, this low-profile design's leather seat can be tightened as the leather expands through use.
Grand Repos Lounge Chair
Offering continual back support at every angle on inclination, this relaxing lounge chair offer attractive, rounded countours for the utmost comfort and hours of uninterrupted lounging.
Sepli Accent Chair
A stylish addition to any lounge or living space, this tailored lounge chair offers a modern take on the classic club chair, wrapped in elegant linen upholstery with contrasting sleek, black legs.
Mama Bear Chair
Originally concieved in 1954, this iconic design has been reissued for the modern interior as a tribute to designer Hans J, Wegner. Balancing soft curves and dynamic geometric shapes, this lounge chair is beautifully upholstered and tailored.
Brasilia Lounge Chair
A luxurious armchair/loungechair hybrid, this low-slung favorite offers unparalleled sitting comfort thanks to its robust frame and soft upholstery, lending a distinctive and eye-catching look to your living room, master bedroom, or favorite lounge area.
Visu Lounge Chair
Revolutionizing Nordic design with its perfectly curved shell crafted from formpressed lacquered wood, this simple statement-maker provides extended comfort through its low profile and elegant curves.
Knitting Lounge Chair
With exposed triangular construction, a gently curved seat, and luxurious sheepskin upholstery, this lounge chair is a master of proportion and unexpected sculptural form.