Saloom Furniture Paxton Rectangular Maple Dining Table 36 in Straight Edge

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  • Product Information

    A solid maple dining table with a sculpted wood base.


    • Part of the ORACLE collection by Saloom Furniture
    • Designed by Peter Saloom
    • Country of Manufacture: Winchendon, Massachusetts, USA
    • Contemporary style
    • Polymer foot glide
    • 36 in x 60 in 6 seats; 36 in x 72 in, 36 in x 80 in 8 seats in; 36 in x 96 in size 8-10 seats
    • The highest grade of solid maple hardwood tops
    • Hand-applied multi-step finishes
    • High performance catalyzed conversion varnish top coat finish that is water and chemical resistant
    • Natural grain variations and character markings enhance the beauty of their chairs and make every piece unique
    • Suitable for indoor use
    • Assembly required
    • Available in various sizes, table top finishes, and base finishes

    Care Instructions:

    • When in use, Saloom recommends using trivets, placemats, and tablecloths to protect the top from plates, hot pans, dishes, etc.
    • Clean the table by using a slightly damp sponge or cloth - use a mild dish soap or detergent if desired - then dry with a soft towel or cloth. Try to wipe up spills quickly so cleaning is easy.
    • Placing your table near heating vents, fireplaces, or wood stoves can damage your furniture because of the extreme changes in temperature and moisture.
    • Never use abrasive cleaners or sponges.
    • Never let candle wax drip on the table - it will discolor the finish.
    • Avoid direct sunlight - ultraviolet rays will change the color of the wood over time.
    • If your table is in a sunny area, never leave an object on your table for an extended period of time - you could very well find that the area underneath the object is a different color than the rest of the table!
    Designed by Peter Saloom.
    Due to color variances with monitor display, we recommend ordering samples / swatches before purchasing products.
    Please note, this is a custom item. 2Modern makes every effort to accommodate product returns with a generous return policy. However this is a made-to-order product and cannot be canceled or returned after 48 hours of order placement.
    • American Made American Made
    • Handmade Handmade
    Technical Details
    Materials Solid Maple.
    Specifications Dimensions:
    • 36 in x 60 in: 60 in W x 36 in D x 29 in H
    • 36 in x 72 in: 72 in W x 36 in D x 29 in H
    • 36 in x 80 in: 80 in W x 36 in D x 29 in H
    • 36 in x 96 in: 96 in W x 36 in D x 29 in H
    • Table top thickness: 1.5 in
    Packaged Dimensions:
    • 36 in x 60 in: 66 in W x 42 in D x 9 in H
    • 36 in x 72 in: 78.25 in W x 42 in D x 9 in H
    • 36 in x 80 in: 87.75 in W x 42 in D x 9 in H
    • 36 in x 96 in: 99 in W x 42 in D x 9 in H
    Product, Packaged Weight:
    • 36 in x 60 in: 100 lbs.
    • 36 in x 72 in: 110 lbs.
    • 36 in x 80 in: 115 lbs.
    • 36 in x 96 in: 120 lbs.
    MAWS 3660 PAX-Rockport-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Rockport-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Rockport-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Rockport-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Rockport-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Rockport-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Rockport-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Rockport-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Rockport, MAWS 3672 PAX-Rockport, MAWS 3680 PAX-Rockport, MAWS 3696 PAX-Rockport, MAWS 3660 PAX-Aurora-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Aurora-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Aurora-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Aurora-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Aurora-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Aurora-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Aurora-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Aurora-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Aurora, MAWS 3672 PAX-Aurora, MAWS 3680 PAX-Aurora, MAWS 3696 PAX-Aurora, MAWS 3660 PAX-Chocolate-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Chocolate-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Chocolate-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Chocolate-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Chocolate-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Chocolate-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Chocolate-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Chocolate-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Chocolate, MAWS 3672 PAX-Chocolate, MAWS 3680 PAX-Chocolate, MAWS 3696 PAX-Chocolate, MAWS 3660 PAX-Flax, MAWS 3672 PAX-Flax, MAWS 3680 PAX-Flax, MAWS 3696 PAX-Flax, MAWS 3660 PAX-Harvest-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Harvest-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Harvest-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Harvest-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Harvest-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Harvest-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Harvest-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Harvest-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Harvest, MAWS 3672 PAX-Harvest, MAWS 3680 PAX-Harvest, MAWS 3696 PAX-Harvest, MAWS 3660 PAX-Java-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Java-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Java-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Java-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Java-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Java-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Java-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Java-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Java, MAWS 3672 PAX-Java, MAWS 3680 PAX-Java, MAWS 3696 PAX-Java, MAWS 3660 PAX-Nantucket-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Nantucket-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Nantucket-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Nantucket-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Nantucket-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Nantucket-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Nantucket-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Nantucket-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Nantucket, MAWS 3672 PAX-Nantucket, MAWS 3680 PAX-Nantucket, MAWS 3696 PAX-Nantucket, MAWS 3660 PAX-Natural-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Natural-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Natural-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Natural-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Natural-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Natural-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Natural-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Natural-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Natural, MAWS 3672 PAX-Natural, MAWS 3680 PAX-Natural, MAWS 3696 PAX-Natural, MAWS 3660 PAX-Walnut-Silver, MAWS 3672 PAX-Walnut-Silver, MAWS 3680 PAX-Walnut-Silver, MAWS 3696 PAX-Walnut-Silver, MAWS 3660 PAX-Walnut-Gold, MAWS 3672 PAX-Walnut-Gold, MAWS 3680 PAX-Walnut-Gold, MAWS 3696 PAX-Walnut-Gold, MAWS 3660 PAX-Walnut, MAWS 3672 PAX-Walnut, MAWS 3680 PAX-Walnut, MAWS 3696 PAX-Walnut
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