Modern Wall Clocks

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Why Choose a Modern Wall Clock?

Wall clocks have long been a functional tool to keep our daily routines on track. In the digital age of cell phones and computers, modern wall clocks are now considered a functional piece of wall decor that can add dynamic to your space while providing a convenient spot to tell the time. Available in a range of sizes, materials, and visual appeal, modern wall clocks can range from funky and casual to sleek and luxurious. Modern wall clocks are also incredibly easy to install and are essentially an effortless piece of decor you can place on any vertical surface. Ideal for any aesthetic from farmhouse and Scandinavian to mid-century modern and industrial, 2Modern has a wide range of modern wall clock designs ready to elevate your space with functional style and effortless intrigue. 

Choosing a Modern Wall Clock that Suits Your Space

The perfect wall clock will imbue your space with simplicity and functionality, while matching the overall aesthetic of your home. Consider the color scheme of your room and the surrounding decor and what the best color of your modern wall clock should be to blend in or stand out. Choose with good intentions and you’ll find a wall clock that you will cherish forever. Next, make sure you choose a piece that you can easily spot, easily tell the time, and appreciate from every angle. If you are going for more decorative than functional, make sure the wall clock matches the integrity of your living space. Lastly, think of the best place to display your wall clock that will be convenient and helpful for you whether it is in the kitchen right as you walk in the door or as part of a large display wall in the living room, pick a wall clock that's ideal for your home and your lifestyle. 

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Luxury Wall Clock

Functionality as well as visual appeal are all things to consider when buying a modern luxury wall clock, but with this comes considerations for size, color, material, and surrounding decor. For minimalist and cozy spaces like Scandinavian or farmhouse, a solid wood wall clock design accented by brass or steel brings a warm and handsome touch to your home. For more casual spaces in need of supreme functionality like a kitchen or office space, a more traditional wall clock in a matte black or bold color stands out and makes it easy to tell the time. For larger, more luxurious spaces, go all out with a large, oversized art piece like the Barcelona Wall Clock from Nomon, equally beautiful as it is endlessly functional. 

Modern Wall Clocks FAQs

  • What Should I Look for in a Wall Clock?

When looking for a modern wall clock, you want to decide if you want it to be functional, beautiful, or both. If telling time quickly and accurately is your end goal, classic designs like the Tone Wall Clock or Wood Arabic Wall Clock are best. For iconic mid-century modern appeal, any design from Vitra will be instantly recognized and appreciated. To add to a visually stunning gallery wall or above a master bed, high-quality, minimalist designs like the Pico Wall Clock bring a contemporary take on the traditional wall clock design. 

  • How to Hang Clocks on the Wall?

Depending on the size and weight of your clock and the space you are looking to hang it in, there are several options for installing your modern wall clock. Adhesive strips are great for certain spaces as they won’t leave a mark or create any holes and can hold any lightweight clock design. For heavier wall clocks where you will need to use a nail or screw, just make sure that your wall clock is hung higher than the tallest obstruction in the room so it’s visible and not blocked from every angle. Allow space between the clock and other tall pieces so it can be visible over furniture when seated. Above a sofa, lounge chair, or fireplace mantle works perfectly so your clock can work as an interior decor piece and be seen with ease. 

  • How Big Should a Clock be on a Wall?

As with artwork, wall clocks should cover no more than 2/3rds or 3/4ths of the wall space they are put on. This allows you to space out any other pieces on the wall and avoid any visual clutter. If a wall is feeling full already, select a smaller size or opt for a different wall. Wall clocks are available in a range of sizes to suit your space, so select one that is functional in terms of you being able to view it from a moderate distance as well as balanced in form when installing on your living room, bedroom, or office wall.