Modern Recliners

Add Pizzazz to a Room With Modern Accent Chairs

Bring visual intrigue and versatile functionality to any room with our list of top modern accent chairs offering striking silhouettes and bold color options.

Top 10 Modern Living Room Chairs

Graceful profiles, innovative material choices, and just the right attention to details give our Top 10 Modern Living Room Chairs laid-back style and staying power. Timeless icons from Knoll and contemporary chairs from Gus* and Blu Dot, round out a collection of modern living room chairs, designed for kicking back and taking it easy. For additional seating options, shop our Top 10 Sofas.

What are Modern Recliners?

Here at 2Modern, we offer a wide variety of seating options for every room in your home. Modern recliner chairs are a great choice for a modern living room, modern nursery, modern bedroom, modern office, or modern lounge space. Modern recliners are lounge chairs specifically designed to have a chic, clean-lined, contemporary look while still providing a high level of comfort through their ability to lean back at an angle for pure relaxation and rejuvenation. Some options offer slight incline back to promote comfort and relaxation, while others offer multiple reclining positions so you can lay as far back as you please. Peruse our collection of modern recliner chairs and pick the design that is perfect for your well-appointed home.

How Modern Recliners Can Accentuate Your Room Decor

Modern recliners are an excellent option for a wide variety of spaces, especially those you find yourself wanting to relax and unwind in. Perfect as an accent chair in your living room paired with a plush sofa or sectional, a mid-century modern recliner chair brings clean-lined beauty and pure functionality to your space. Craft a cozy reading nook in your master suite or favorite sunny lounge area by pairing a minimalist modern recliner chair with a chic floor lamp, side table, and cashmere throw blanket and you’ll have the perfect spot for a rainy afternoon reading destination. Lastly, modern recliner chairs are perfect in a baby’s nursery. Ideal for feeding and soothing your child to sleep, a chic, contemporary recliner is both comforting to you and your little one, paired with all the essentials like a changing table, crib, playful decor, and more.

How Modern Recliners Can Fit Your Style

Because modern recliners are available in a wide range of styles, materials, colors, and sizes, you are able to find the perfect fit for any space you call home. Once you have figured out the interior design style you are looking to decorate your space in, you can select a modern recliner chair to mesh perfectly with that style. For modern farmhouse style, look for leather-upholstered options or fabric designs in browns, creams, and whites. For a mid-century modern space, look for low-profile and clean-lined options in a range of colors from neutrals to primaries. For a smart and simple Scandinavian-inspired room, look for modern recliners with little to no frills or over-the-top detailing in shades of gray, brown, cream, and even black. The reclining design will fit right into your space like a normal accent or lounge chair would and gives the additional option of adjusting the angle of the chair to promote relaxation for movie nights, reading, or just a quick afternoon nap.

Modern Recliners FAQs

  • How Do You Make A Recliner Look Good In A Room?

To make the most out of your modern recliner’s style, you will want to accentuate it to ensure it blends well with your space and doesn’t stick out. Adding a cozy woven throw and soft, upholstered throw pillow adds an additional layer of comfort and brings that lived-in look to your space. This is a great opportunity to incorporate a color within your space such as wall color, floor color, or rug color to really tie the room together for a cohesive design.

  • Where Should A Recliner Be Placed In A Bedroom?

Because modern recliners need room to recline, you should not put it flush against a wall. You should angle the chair so it faces inward, more specifically in the corner of the bedroom where two walls meet, to provide a natural buffer for space to recline with ease.

  • Does A Recliner Have To Match The Couch?

Style-wise, this is totally up to you. If you want a perfectly cohesive living or lounge space, then try and match your sofa and recliner as perfectly as possible. For a more dynamic living space that is still chic and stylish, finding a recliner that meshes well with your sofa, but doesn’t necessarily totally match it will create an eye-catching space that appears well-decorated and welcoming.