Modern Nightstands

Top 8 Small Bedroom Ideas to Maximize Space and Style

With the help of streamlined decor, a smart bed design, and a few pieces of practical storage, small bedrooms can effortlessly be transformed into stylish spaces filled with cozy charm or sleek sophistication.

Top Master Bedroom Ideas For A Modern Sleep Retreat

Whether simple and sumptuous or refined and regal, your master bedroom is your sanctuary for welcomed respite and hard-earned recovery. With a few simple upgrades - think smart furniture choices, elegant lighting, and chic accessories, you can design the master bedroom of your dreams ready to inspire many nights of beautiful sleep.

Elevate your bedroom with modern nightstands

When it comes to increasing the functionality and sophistication in your contemporary bedroom, you can’t beat a chic pair of nightstands. The ideal location for décor, lamps, and your nightly odds and ends, a nightstand is a must-have addition to every bedroom. Nightstands tie your space together and provide endless possibilities for expressing your style. Browse the incredible selection of contemporary nightstands at 2Modern and make an elegant, smart decision for your cozy bedroom.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Modern Nightstands


Decide on the color palette that makes the most sense for your bedroom. Perhaps you’re searching for nightstands that complete your existing design scheme, or maybe you’re hoping to create a whole new look in your space. The color of your nightstands can make a dramatic difference in the overall look of your room. White nightstands bring a clean, fresh, ultra-modern touch to your bedroom, while black nightstands deliver depth and contemporary sophistication. Gray is a stunningly neutral addition to your home, and shades of beige or brown draw inspiration from nature. Neutrals are a smart way to complement any existing colors within your room, but black and white are an ideal way to bring contrast and interest to your bedside.


Weigh the many options when it comes to the material of your modern nightstands. Material can have an effect on every element of your nightstands - the visual appeal, the texture, the color, and so much more. Oak, maple, and walnut wood nightstands are durable and heirloom-quality, making them a smart, timeless investment. Nightstands that incorporate glass and/or mirrors make a reflective, duo-tone addition to your space. Stainless steel and other metals add an industrial and architectural element to the room, while marble accents make a high-end statement. Consider lacquered nightstands for a glossy, evolved look, or make an unbeatably unique choice with modern materials like plastic or acrylic.


When choosing modern nightstands, you’ll want to think about the features that will make your life easier and make the most sense in your bedroom. Perhaps a design with drawers would work best for hiding your miscellany, or maybe you prefer nightstands with open shelving for their endless stylistic opportunities. Designs with doors are also perfect for stowing objects away. Attached, shelf-style nightstands are eye-catching and artistic, while designs with a built-in tray offer reimagined design and an abundance of decorative possibility.


Hone in on a design style for your bedroom, or make a bold choice with an eclectic, mix-and-match space. Mid-century modern nightstands combine vintage design with contemporary elegance. Farmhouse nightstands invite warmth and an abundance of character, while rustic designs bring a well-worn and natural touch. Danish modern nightstands make a straightforward, yet ultra-chic addition to your bed