Modern Lounge Swivel Chairs

Add Pizzazz to a Room With Modern Accent Chairs

Bring visual intrigue and versatile functionality to any room with our list of top modern accent chairs offering striking silhouettes and bold color options.

Top 10 Modern Living Room Chairs

Graceful profiles, innovative material choices, and just the right attention to details give our Top 10 Modern Living Room Chairs laid-back style and staying power. Timeless icons from Knoll and contemporary chairs from Gus* and Blu Dot, round out a collection of modern living room chairs, designed for kicking back and taking it easy. For additional seating options, shop our Top 10 Sofas.

Why Modern Lounge Swivel Chairs Will Match Your Style

Endlessly useful thanks to their uninterrupted movement and endless shapes, colors, sizes, and silhouettes, modern lounge swivel chairs are an effortless addition to any living or lounge space within your home that is in need of additional seating that is both comfortable and functional. Ideal for spaces both small and large, modern lounge swivel chairs enhance your home’s layout and interior design with rich upholstery, plush fill, and endless color and pattern options. Station a pair across from a simple sofa or sectional separated by a rectangular coffee table for the perfect living room set-up or pair with a side table, floor lamp, and ottoman for a cozy master suite reading nook. Get creative with various locations to place a modern swivel lounge chair and you might surprise yourself with how incredibly flexible and beneficial they truly are. 

How a set of Modern Lounge Swivel Chairs Can Highlight Your Room Decor

At 2Modern, we offer a variety of modern lounge swivel chairs in different styles, colors, and materials that can effortlessly match your interior design scheme and elevate the overall look of your home. Because swivel lounge chairs do not fit into a singular design style, they are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of settings. Opt for a neutral pair in cream, blue, white, or gray to balance out a space and add a subtle touch of color, or utilize your swivel chairs as eye-catching statement pieces and choose a bold pattern with striking colors that turn your space from drab to fab. No matter where you choose to place your modern lounge swivel chair, they will add an air of comfort and style. 

Are Modern Lounge Swivel Chairs Going Out Of Style?

Thanks to their movement, function, and flexibility, swivel chairs have been an interior design standard for many years. Now widely available in a variety of silhouettes, colors, sizes, and even shapes, swivel chairs are an excellent choice for living spaces, bedrooms, and entertainment spaces alike. Whether you use a single swivel chair for a cozy reading nook or select a pair to balance out a living room seating area, modern lounge swivel chairs are a fabulous choice for any interior. 

Modern Lounge Swivel Chair FAQs

  • Are Swivel Lounge Chairs Comfortable?

Endlessly useful thanks to their movement abilities and exceptionally comfortable thanks to plush padding and fill, modern lounge swivel chairs offer more value and function than traditional armchairs. Whether more contemporary with sleek, clean lines, or Hollywood glam with luxe channel stitching, look for modern swivel lounge chairs that are filled with memory foam or even down filling for the most comfortable spot in your home. 

  • What Are Modern Lounge Swivel Chairs Good For?

One of the most versatile pieces of furniture in a home, a stylish swivel lounge chair can allow you to set up conversation spaces within your home that don’t necessarily face the TV or center of the room, but can always move to face the excitement within your space. Known for their comfort and adaptability, selecting a more neutral option means your swivel chair can easily blend well with your interior design scheme and last for years to come. 

  • Can You Use An Ottoman With A Modern Swivel Lounge Chair? 

An ottoman is the perfect accompaniment to a modern swivel lounge chair only upping the comfort factor. Opt for a matching ottoman if possible and be sure to match materials as well. Place in front of each swivel chair to designate a relaxation space and you’ve got the perfect seat to watch your favorite movie, game, or spend time with friends and family.