Modern Baby Rockers & Gliders

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Craft a cozy nook in your home with a modern baby rocker

Rockers and gliders are unique pieces of furniture that offer specific benefits, particularly when placed in a nursery or kid's room. In the nursery, a baby rocker or baby glider yields immeasurable benefits for both mother and newborn, offering soothing relief with its ergonomic comfort and gentle, repetitive motion.

What's the difference between a baby rocker and a baby glider?

Two fundamental characteristics—construction and motion—differentiate a rocker from a glider. Traditional rocking chairs, usually made of wood, have been in fashion for centuries, and while they bring to mind a country, farmhouse esthetic, modern baby rockers have evolved to include sleek, contemporary designs that look perfectly at home in stylish city apartments. Still, most rockers—whether baby rocker or deck furniture—are essentially simple designs, their seats anchored to a pair of curved wood legs that propel the chairs back and forth in familiar, even nostalgic, fashion.

A baby glider is a more complicated piece of furniture. An updated version of a traditional rocker, a glider keeps its mechanics hidden beneath comfortable upholstery and fabric detailing, looking for all intents and purposes like a comfortable modern lounge chair. Unseen is the mechanism mounted to the glider's base, which produces a sliding back-and-forth motion for the user—movement that becomes evident only when the glider is in use.

This difference in the mechanics of a rocker and glider naturally results in a variation between the two types of motion generated. While a baby rocker is defined by a forwards and backwards motion that's stronger and more defined, the back and forth horizontal motion of a glider is a bit smoother and gentler.

Is a modern baby glider preferable to a modern baby rocker?

A baby rocker and baby glider offer different benefits, both in terms of how they feel and how they look, so their appeal is a matter of personal preference, more than anything. Traditional rockers are visually unique, impossible to mistake for anything else, and are valued for those same reasons. But the comfort level of a piece of furniture with no built-in upholstery can't compare to that of a chair that's upholstered with plush cushions and wide, arms. So, both rockers and gliders, with their unique plusses and minuses, will have their equal share of advocates.

Is it necessary to have a modern baby rocker in a modern nursery?

A modern baby rocker or modern baby glider is not essential for a nursery, of course, but it's hard to imagine a new mother voting against having one. For middle-of-the-night feedings, a crying infant, or a toddler in need of reassurance, a modern baby glider or rocker is invaluable. Read more here to learn about how to build the perfect nursery for your little one.

Note: A baby rocker or glider is not just for the nursery.

Modern baby gliders and modern baby rockers are well-suited to the modern nursery, but that doesn't mean they're for nurseries alone. A modern rocker can segue into almost any room in the house, including home office, den, or living room, and baby gliders are so well disguised that they can just as easily double as modern lounge chairs. So, if you're considering a rocker or glider, remember that once your baby or toddler has outgrown his or her rocker or glider, there are plenty of other rooms waiting in line for a comfortable chair on the move.