Elegant profiles and beautiful proportions distinguish the modern furniture and lighting designs of the Toronto-based furniture company, Gus. Beautifully tailored modern sofas, elegant lighting, and a broad range of handsome contemporary lounge chairs and tables define the Gus modern furniture collection, expressing the company's love of clean, refined forms. Honest materials and a fondness for a more warm and accessible brand of modernism further distinguish the Gus brand.

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Return Bench by Gus
Gus Return Bench $899.00

Graph Stool by Gus
Gus Graph Stool $325.00
Mimico Storage Ottoman by Gus
Gus Mimico Storage Ottoman $950.00

Picture Rail by Gus
Gus Picture Rail from $150.00

Adelaide Sofa by Gus
Gus Adelaide Sofa $1,999.00

Stanley Stool by Gus
Gus Stanley Stool $325.00

Transit Bench by Gus
Gus Transit Bench $575.00
Jasper Cube Ottoman by Gus
Gus Jasper Cube Ottoman $295.00

Adelaide Bi-Sectional by Gus
Gus Adelaide Bi-Sectional $3,295.00
Graph Chair by Gus
Gus Graph Chair $250.00

Church Chair by Gus
Gus Church Chair $195.00
Delano Chair V2 by Gus
Gus Delano Chair V2 $995.00
Editor’s Pick

Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional with Wood Base by Gus
Gus Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional with Wood Base $2,999.00
Sudbury Dining Table Rectangular by Gus
Gus Sudbury Dining Table Rectangular $1,050.00

Church Stool by Gus
Gus Church Stool $210.00

Lecture Stool by Gus
Gus Lecture Stool $325.00