Modern French Country Chandeliers

20 Mouth-Watering Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

The very definition of statement lighting, chandeliers are designed to garner attention. Our favorite modern dining room chandeliers, featured below, are no exception, each delicious design ready to sparkle, shimmer and steal the spotlight in any dining space.

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What are French Country Chandeliers?

A stunning blend of traditional beauty and rustic elegance, French Country Chandeliers offer romantic lighting design perfect for a wide variety of interior spaces. Offering a chic take on

rustic-inspired lighting design, French Country Chandeliers are typically crafted from metal and wood and offering swooping arms topped with candle-like sockets for flickering bulbs. With the option to go over-the-top ornate or more refined and relaxed, a French Country chandelier is perfect for a bedroom or nursery, kitchen, dining room, or living space. With a wide variety of interpretations to choose from based on finish, size, light bulb count and more, it's never been easier to create a simple, yet elevated country-inspired space. Peruse our selection of French Country style chandeliers and see all that 2Modern has to offer.

What are the Variations of French Country Chandeliers?

Full of vintage charm and decorative allure, French Country Chandeliers can range from delicate and charming to grandiose and awe-inspiring. The most popular finish options when it comes to French Country decor are typically creamy white, gray, and brown, so choosing a neutral colored chandelier is sure to balance your space while drawing just enough attention to your ceiling. Utilize your chandelier as a complementary piece of decor to offset or blend with the colors within your room. For a light and bright space, a whitewashed wooden chandelier with turned detailing works wonders, while a more dark and romantic space benefits from an ornate fixture dripping with crystal detailing, finished in bronze. Smaller options work best for offices, small bedrooms, and bathrooms, while large styles look best in entryways, bedrooms, and entertainment spaces. Whether you opt for a globe, square, candelabra, or drum-shaped chandelier, 2Modern has you covered in order to ensure your space will be well-lit and well-accented in the French Country style.

To best select a French Country chandelier size for your home, measure the width and length of the space, add these two numbers together and consider the number in inches rather than feet. This number then translates to the ideal diameter of a chandelier that works best to fill your room. In terms of height, a good rule of thumb is 2 to 3 inches of chandelier length per foot of wall height. For example, a room with 15 foot ceilings that is 15 feet wide and 12 feet long can accommodate a chandelier that is 27 inches in diameter and 30 to 45 inches in height. This measuring scale is particularly helpful for selecting a lighting piece that will sit dead center in your room or over a major piece of furniture, such as a sofa or dining table, as a focal point. Keep in mind that on average, it is ideal to hang chandeliers a minimum of 6 and a half feet above the floor to ensure an open space for walking below.