Modern Dining Room Chandeliers

20 Mouth-Watering Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

The very definition of statement lighting, chandeliers are designed to garner attention. Our favorite modern dining room chandeliers, featured below, are no exception, each delicious design ready to sparkle, shimmer and steal the spotlight in any dining space.

Luxury Modern Dining Room Ideas For Elevated Mealtime

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, a memorable dining experience is effortlessly realized with our top picks for a truly luxurious and modern dining room design.

How to Find the Perfect Chandelier for Your Dining Room

The most important aspects to consider when selecting the perfect chandelier for your dining room are the size of your dining room table and the height of your ceiling. Your chandelier should be approximately one-third the width of your dining table to look proportionate to your space. For example, a 5-foot round dining table should be accented by a chandelier with a diameter of 20 inches. Oval or rectangular tables can typically handle a slightly wider chandelier thanks to their expansive size.The chandelier should also always be the center of attention and therefore stationed directly above your dining table, which, depending on your additional dining room furniture, may not necessarily be in the center of the room. In terms of height, you will want to leave roughly 30 inches between the bottom of your lighting fixture and your dining room table. This ensures that your view across the table will not be inhibited while leaving space for a candleholder or floral centerpiece. Overall, the main goal is to select a style that fits with your home’s aesthetic and also makes you happy. Peruse our curated collection of dining room chandeliers to find the perfect design to light up your home.

What Color Chandelier Should I Choose?

When selecting a dining room chandelier, there truly are no specific rules for choosing a color or finish, it all comes down to personal preference. You can choose to match your dining room color scheme with a similarly colored lighting fixture or effortlessly complement your space with a different finish that blends with the room. Choosing a finish that is featured prominently throughout your space, such as brass, chrome, or iron can help to accentuate and balance the look of your dining room. For an elevated, upscale dining room, you may choose a brass or gold-finished crystal chandelier with ornate, dangling accents, but for a more minimalist space, you could choose a bold, brightly-colored design to draw the eye and make a lasting impression. A coastal space is accentuated by a natural or whitewashed wood-accented design, while an industrial-inspired space benefits from burnished wrought iron and exposed bulbs to round out its form.

What Shape Is Best for a Chandelier in the Dining Room?

When coordinating your dining table and chandelier, it's imperative to choose complementary shapes to effortlessly accent your room. Round and square dining room tables look great beneath a round chandelier while rectangular dining room tables are best accented by expansive rectangular lighting designs. If you are looking to use contrasting shapes to accent your dining space, hanging multiple chandeliers together instead of a singular linear chandelier can create a stunning statement and create dimension and texture in your room. Equally as impressive, a singular large chandelier makes a lasting impression and can lend timeless elegance to your space.

Finding the Right Chandelier Style for your Dining Room

Finding the right chandelier style for your dining room all depends on the aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Whether you prefer coastal, modern farmhouse, French countryside, or even Scandinavian-inspired, 2Modern has a vast lineup of lighting options to suit your needs. You will want to select a chandelier design that either acts as the centerpiece and main lighting source for your space, or easily accentuates additional lighting such as sconces and recessed lights. There is no need to match the color of your chandelier to the exact color of your surroundings, though choosing a shade color or finish that balances or complements your space is best. Decide if you are looking to go more upscale and elegant with a brass or gold-finished chandelier for a more traditional feel, or perhaps something a bit more casual like a coastal-inspired beaded wood chandelier offering seaside sophistication. Overall choosing a style that creates a room that you enjoy and want to spend time in is the ultimate goal, while expertly crafting a cohesive space ready to serve and entertain.