Backyard Decor Ideas For All-Season Living

Whether looking for a simple update or full-blown makeover to extend your entertainment areas and make use of the great outdoors, a few key decor pieces ensure your backyard space will be in full use all season long.

Using planters to create seclusion

You can never have too much privacy and a selection of various planters can help create a feeling of seclusion and define space – especially if in close proximity to other properties. Small trees in large planters like the Cylinder Planter from Vondom can help to create a more sheltered environment while smaller options like the Bau Pot from Ferm Living , work to accent your space and create a welcoming ambiance.

Portable lamps to welcome guests

Perfect for accenting pathways, stairways, or dotted around covered outdoor surfaces, portable lamps welcome friends and family to backyard events and set your space aglow with welcomed brightness. Outfitted with LED technology for superior brightness and energy-efficiency, portable lanterns are easily recharged with a USB or charging port and offer hours and hours of pleasant illumination. Sleek and chic, the Cube Outdoor Battery Floor Lamp comes in various heights and finishes to stand out amongst your landscape and help direct guests where to go.

Candle holders for cozy ambiance

Let’s face it, it doesn’t get any more romantic than dining outdoors by candlelight. Whether enjoying an intimate meal for two or entertaining the entire neighborhood, candle lanterns offer a chic coziness that cannot be replicated. Opt for a variety of sizes to create dimension within your space and look for colors and materials that will either stand out or effortlessly blend in with your al fresco ensemble. Larger options typically have space for multiple candles, so layer up those pillars or tea lights for an evening of flickering fun.

String lights to create an outdoor oasis

For small backyards or spaces with multiple entertainment areas, utilizing string lights to create an outdoor dining space or bungalow can create incredible ambiance full of festivity. String across a pergola, between the roof of your home and a tree, or between poles installed around your area for a faux roof made of sparkling lights perfect for a late afternoon beer tasting or barbecue with friends. Accent with a beautiful outdoor rug, weather-ready teak dining table, outdoor chairs, and you’ve got a backyard dining space ready to use at any time of day, or night.