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2Modern Coupons and Promo Codes

2Modern Coupons

To make shopping and saving easy, we’ve provided the official 2Modern coupon codes, below. You may see references to 2Modern Coupon Code or 2Modern Discount Code on other sites, but they’re neither authorized nor valid. Sign up for the 2Modern email list for current sales and promotions, and stick with us for the real modern design deals.

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Scam Alert

Ours are the only authentic 2Modern coupon codes. Other websites may claim to have 2Modern promotion codes, but they are scams. If you find any other website advertising a 2Modern coupon, please let us know. We want to make sure no one becomes a victim of these types of scams.

The Good News

2Modern offers curated modern design through an inspired shopping experience with the best customer service policies; that is our true value proposition. We work hard to provide free shipping (on most items over $50), tax-free purchasing, and a generous return policy. 2Modern believes that our unique range of modern furniture and lighting, price match guarantee, and excellent customer service supersedes the value of any coupon.

Promotion Types

At 2Modern, we do 4 kinds of promotion types:
Email List Subscription

When you subscribe to the 2Modern email list, you'll receive a newsletter code for 5% off your first order. Sign up now to receive weekly emails with the latest modern design news, what's new, what's on sale, and trending.

Brand Sales

Some of our most popular promotions are typically associated with a specific modern design brand, collection, or product. These promotions are automatically discounted and do not require a code. The promotional discount will be visible on the product details page, in your cart, and maintained throughout the checkout process.

Free Shipping

This promotion allows our customers to waive shipping feeds for brands that have mandatory freight feeds. When this promotion is active, the shipping feeds that would normally be visible on the product details page are removed and replaced with "Free Shipping".

Promo Codes

Offers may be associated with a specific holiday, brand, or modern design product, in which case the promotion will be available to you on the homepage, brand page, and/or product details page. Simply enter the promo code during the checkout process. Promotion codes are not case sensitive.