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Top 10 Modern Wallpapers

The quickest way to transform a room or space from ordinary to extraordnary? Gorgeous wallpaper, of course! Our favorite modern wallpaper designs run the gamut from abstract to illustrative, cool monochromes to vivid hues and everything in between.

Create Striking Accent Walls With 4 Wallpaper Trends

Raise the wow factor in a room or space instantly by focusing on a single wall — and these dramatic on-trend contemporary wallpaper patterns.

Choosing the perfect modern wallpaper.

Modern wallpaper options have evolved drastically over the last few decades, rendering irrelevant the old days of limited motifs and arduous wallpaper application and removal methods. Today’s designer wallpaper options comprise such a great variety of materials, textures, motifs—as well as far easier application processes—that electing to include contemporary wallpaper in your interior design projects is no longer something to be dreaded, but, rather, eagerly anticipated.

With so many choices available in the modern wallpaper category, though, it’s particularly important to think carefully about what you expect your wallpaper to accomplish—in other words, whether you expect it to be the focal point in a room, or one element in a harmonious visual statement. To this end, some basic parameters may help you in your quest to select modern wallpaper designs that inject personality and dimension without overwhelming a room’s other equally important components.