High quality, graphically striking, and accessibly priced contemporary textiles comprise the Surya collection of modern rugs, pillows, and home accents—each item defined by simple patterns and vivid but elegant hues. Marked by arresting designs that complement any contemporary interior, Surya modern rugs and home decor merges visual beauty with practicality, a philosophy that expresses itself in durable designs that translate disparate influences into fashion-forward textiles across a range of styles and price points.

Tucker Throw by Surya
Surya Tucker Throw $67.80
Kharaa Cube Pouf by Surya
Surya Kharaa Cube Pouf $274.80

Akua Cube Pouf by Surya
Surya Akua Cube Pouf $253.20

Fargo Sphere Pouf by Surya
Surya Fargo Sphere Pouf $131.40

Troy Throw by Surya
Surya Troy Throw $43.80

Ranger Rectangle Pouf by Surya
Surya Ranger Rectangle Pouf $583.80

Topanga Throw by Surya
Surya Topanga Throw $45.60
Editor’s Pick
Parkdale Stool by Surya
Surya Parkdale Stool $175.20

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