Modern Silver Console Tables

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Why Modern Silver Console Tables Will Match Your Style

To be specific, a console table is a long, shallow storage piece typically placed against a wall in an entryway or flush against the back of a sofa or sectional. It's a great way to utilize small spaces to function as both additional storage as well as show off your home decor and aesthetic. Modern silver console tables are an excellent choice thanks to their metallic neutral hue and ability to blend with a wide variety of interior design schemes. From industrial modern to Hollywood Regency, modern silver console tables are great for adding a sleek touch to your interior while providing additional space to display decor, table lamps and more.

How Modern Silver Console Table Can Accentuate Your Room

A great option for a welcoming entryway, a modern silver console table can act as a catch-all for essentials when coming in and out of the house and also act as a charming display space that greets guests as they enter your home. Silver is a well-loved metallic and pairs perfectly with gray, white, beige, and even bold color tones like pink, green, red, and purple. Another option is to use a modern silver console table to anchor space in a room. Perfect behind a sofa or sectional in an art deco or contemporary living space, a console table can hold a table lamp for added brightness, a vase of your favorite flowers, or stacks of designer coffee table books. Look for console tables with additional storage options like drawers and shelves to keep decor and photos on display along with decorative bowls to hold things like keys, jewelry, or accessories.

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Silver Console Table

Console tables are certainly a traditional concept found in many homes that may not fit in with every design aesthetic or room layout, however, they are just as much an important aspect of your room set up as side tables or coffee tables as they provide additional storage space without taking up much square footage. Here at 2Modern, we have a wide variety of modern silver console tables in materials like metal, wood, and stone that come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are outfitted with decorative accents, storage spaces, and more to fit your needs and your design eye.

Modern Silver Console Table FAQs

  • Where is the Best Place to Put a Console Table?

If you’re considering purchasing a modern silver console table for your home, there are several spaces where it can be incredibly useful. First is in a hallway or entryway up against a wall, to be the first piece of furniture greeting family and friends. Often coupled with mirrors or wall art for a hint of stylish sophistication, a silver console table works to visually ground the space and provide surface area without interrupting the flow of a space. Another application for console tables is in a dining room, situated near the dining room table to provide extra tabletop surface for items that don’t need to be on the main table or simple year-round storage. Lastly, modern silver console tables are great for use in a living room where their application is limitless. Station up against a wall for an out-of-the-way storage space to keep random items – ensuring your coffee table is clutter-free. Or opt to place your console table against the backside of a sofa or sectional for additional storage space for random items, as well as a display piece that adds more dimension to your room rather than just the back of an empty sofa.

  • How High Should a Console Table Be?

Modern console tables are typically a shallow, long table with a very specific purpose. The average height for a console table is 30 inches, but can range anywhere from 28” to 32” in height. When selecting one to place behind a sofa or sectional, just be sure the top of the console table is lower or equal to the height of the sofa so guests' heads don’t hit the table when they lean back and decor is not likely to tip onto the sofa.

  • How to Decorate a Silver Console Table?

When decorating a modern silver console table, it's all about layers. You want to use items of varying heights, sizes, and shapes to make for a dynamic display piece. Consider stacking books, adding flowers in a decorative vase, a pair of candleholders, or even a pair of sleek, metallic table lamps perfect for brightening an entryway or hallway. A round or rectangle mirror or piece of wall art centers the console table, while storage pieces like felt baskets or marble trays line bottom shelves to keep out-the-door essentials close by for easy access.