Modern Side & End Tables

298 Results
Sprout Side Table by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Sprout Side Table $399.00
Bink 1025 Mobile Media Table by BDI
BDI Bink 1025 Mobile Media Table $279.00
Strut Console Table by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Strut Console Table $549.00

Laccio Side Table by Knoll
Knoll Laccio Side Table $538.90 $634.00
Strut Side Table by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Strut Side Table $349.00
Berkeley 20-Inch Side Table by MODLOFT
MODLOFT Berkeley 20-Inch Side Table from $699.00

Eyre Side Table by MODLOFT
MODLOFT Eyre Side Table from $799.00
Series 11 Nightstand by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Series 11 Nightstand from $699.00
Nakashima Splay Leg Table by Knoll
Knoll Nakashima Splay Leg Table $1,683.85 $1,981.00

Risom Round Side Table by Knoll
Knoll Risom Round Side Table from $557.60 $656.00
Bumper Small Ottoman by Blu Dot
Blu Dot Bumper Small Ottoman from $189.00

Dorset Side Table by MODLOFT
MODLOFT Dorset Side Table from $799.00

Bongo Lamp/Stool by Offi
Offi Bongo Lamp/Stool $149.00

T Table by Kartell
Kartell T Table $305.00

Tote Table by Offi
Offi Tote Table $149.00
Small Ghost Buster by Kartell
Kartell Small Ghost Buster $470.00

Table Y805 by Artek
Artek Table Y805 from $1,150.00
Kiki Side Table by Artek
Artek Kiki Side Table from $1,125.00
Clip Side Table by Gandia Blasco
Gandia Blasco Clip Side Table $240.00

Bubble Club Table by Kartell
Kartell Bubble Club Table $225.00

Every home, regardless of size, benefits for a few modern end tables or side tables, and shopping for these subsidiary furniture pieces can be great fun. Because modern end tables are typically accent pieces, rather than primary furniture, the quest for a striking modern side table should be less fraught and stressful than, say, trying to find that statement modern sofa or dazzling contemporary coffee table. Still, with so many modern side tables to choose from, some basic guidelines will help keep you from making knee-jerk purchases that outlive there welcome a few years later.

Why should I invest in modern end tables?

The short answer is: versatility and price point. Contemporary side tables are, by definition, small in scale, easily movable, and functionally versatile. Whether acting as permanent bedside tables or additional surface areas for cocktail party accoutrements, modern side tables or end tables are capable of morphing into whatever is needed at a moment’s notice. A well-placed modern end table that’s both handsome and thoughtfully designed for longevity can offer years, even decades, of joy and use by being easily transferable to any room in the house.

The relatively modest price point of modern end tables provides valuable opportunities for rounding out a modern furniture collection without breaking the bank. With their broad range of sizes, shapes, material applications, and colorways, mindfully selected modern end tables can make indelible design statements, whether used as accent pieces or essential design components in a room. Instantly recognizable creations from Mid-Century designers, as well as innovative new arrivals from contemporary stars, make the search for that perfect modern end table a worthy and fun-filled shopping exercise.

What should I look for in a modern end table or side table?

What you want from your modern end tables is contingent upon how you intend to use them. In you’re intending for your contemporary end tables or side tables to perform traditional functions—flanking sofas, and providing surface areas for table lamps, for instance—you’ll need to be mindful of a particular height or finish, or need specific features, like drawers or other storage compartments. But if you’re simply in search of a modern side table to add a dash of pizzazz or be a versatile addition to your furniture collection, no design pre-requisites, other than personal taste, will be needed.

Irrespective of why you want a modern side table or end table, though, always look for pieces with structural integrity and timeless beauty. As with all modern furniture, stay away from poorly made, throwaway furniture, and focus, instead on furniture that’s designed to last. By all means, be adventurous when selecting contemporary end tables, but no matter how modest your budget, take care to ensure that your investment pays dividends for years to come.

How many modern side tables should I buy?

The number of modern end tables you invest in depends, of course, on how large a space you’re furnishing, and the overall design scheme of your home. Ideally, though, a pair of thoughtfully chosen contemporary side tables that are both visually compelling and functionally sound are worthy investments. The key is to focus on contemporary end tables that complement the other elements in your space, offering up both esthetic value and supreme functionality.