Founded in 1964, Seletti pushes the boundaries of modern decor with a range of everyday objects inventively reimagined—with an unquestionable nod and a wink. Seletti's best selling Estetico Quotidiano SI Bottle, which delivers the ubiquitous plastic water bottle in elegant borosilicate glass, and the Sending Animals collection, which presents a finished product with seemingly unfinished materials, round out a playfully refreshing collection of Seletti modern furniture, decor, and contemporary lighting.

Neon Font Neon Lamp by Seletti
Seletti Neon Font Neon Lamp $70.00
Best Seller

Hybrid Porcelain Cake Stand by Seletti
Seletti Hybrid Porcelain Cake Stand from $130.00
Editor’s Pick

Hybrid Teacup (Set of 2) by Seletti
Seletti Hybrid Teacup (Set of 2) $124.00
Editor’s Pick

Egg Of Columbus Suspended Carton Lamp by Seletti
Seletti Egg Of Columbus Suspended Carton Lamp from $50.00

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