Modern Outdoor Ottomans

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Illuminated Moma Ottoman by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Moma Ottoman from $540.00
Illuminated Vela Ottoman by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Vela Ottoman from $415.00
Illuminated Faz Sectional Ottoman by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Faz Sectional Ottoman from $1,290.00

Frame Ottoman by Vondom
Vondom Frame Ottoman from $1,180.00
Kids Collection Ottoman by SOFTBLOCK
SOFTBLOCK Kids Collection Ottoman $132.00
Topiary Ottoman/End Table by Knoll
Knoll Topiary Ottoman/End Table $1,136.00

Stack Outdoor Lounge Chair Ottoman by Gandia Blasco
Gandia Blasco Stack Outdoor Lounge Chair Ottoman $725.00
Illuminated Vela Round Ottoman by Vondom
Vondom Illuminated Vela Round Ottoman from $1,970.00
Vela Ottoman - Basic by Vondom
Vondom Vela Ottoman - Basic from $265.00

The Avenue First Block / Parc Ottoman by Fatboy
Fatboy The Avenue First Block / Parc Ottoman $149.99
Bonan Lounge End Ottoman by Skargaarden
Skargaarden Bonan Lounge End Ottoman $1,500.00

The modern outdoor ottoman or pouf is low-profile, comfortable, and casual—and, therefore, a great option for outdoor seating. And, far from being overly youthful and inelegant, today’s selection of outdoor ottomans can be just as refined and sophisticated as more conventional outdoor furniture. If you’re considering buying a contemporary outdoor pouf or ottoman, there are a few key questions to consider:

Why is a modern outdoor ottoman a good idea?

As mentioned earlier, versatility and comfort are key to the popularity of the modern patio ottoman, and these two factors translate well to outdoor spaces. Depending on their specific features, like shape and materials, ottomans lend a casual, even playful, air to an outdoor space, making deck, patio, or terrace an inviting area in which to wile away the hours. Comfort is always a major consideration for outdoor furniture, and an outdoor pouf ottoman, with soft, plush upholstery, will practically dare you or your guests to sit down, kick your shoes off, and stay awhile.

By being portable and easy to move, an outdoor pouf or a collection of outdoor ottomans make ideal ad-hoc seating, morphing into whatever seating is required at a given moment, and easily lending themselves to variety of seating arrangements. Versatility is not limited to seating alone. Depending on how firm and tailored your modern outdoor ottoman is, it can just as easily double as coffee table or side table. An outdoor ottoman pouf with a flat, stable surface can accommodate a tray with snacks or a cup of tea, magazines, and even candles. So, it’s easy to see why a contemporary outdoor ottoman or outdoor pouf can be a smart investment.

How do I pick the best patio ottoman style for my outdoor space?

How you intend to use your outdoor pouf ottoman will determine the style you likely settle on. Because modern outdoor ottomans come in a whole range of sizes, materials, shapes, and features, you’ll want to select a design or designs that fit, both visually and functionally, into your outdoor design scheme. For instance, a tailored, streamlined outdoor ottoman pouf may be ideal for a minimalist, restrained outdoor room, but a more casual, soft and pliable outdoor ottoman may inject just the right amount of fun and accessibility to offset a too austere or formal look. The point is that, as is the case with all outdoor furniture, the particular mood or ambience that you want for your outdoor space will help inform the outdoor ottoman selections you make. Bear in mind that, as with all outdoor furniture, it’s important that whichever modern outdoor ottoman you choose, focus on a unified esthetic statement as well as a practical one. Your outdoor space should be one that enhances and reflects your way of life, and the furniture you place in it should work towards doing just that.

Does material matter for a modern outdoor pouf?

Material selection always matters for outdoor furniture. Weather conditions, durability, and convenience are all factors that have particular resonance with outdoor furnishings of any kind, so when you choose modern outdoor ottomans, be mindful of whether your material choice is suited to your particular space. A partially protected outdoor space, for instance, may lend itself to furniture that doesn’t have to be kept shielded from harsh sun rays or an unexpected rain shower, while a fully exposed outdoor space will require those very considerations. So, yes, when selecting a designer patio ottoman or any outdoor furniture, material choice is a key consideration.