An unwavering commitment to creating simple, beautiful, accessibly priced modern furniture and decor has made Offi an enduring choice of design enthusiasts. Offi modern furniture and lighting, which features modern desks, seating, and bedside lamps for both adults and children alike—reflects the company's love of good design, innovation, and comfort at an affordable price.

Overlap Tray by Offi
Offi Overlap Tray from $179.00
Dachshund Table Lamp by Offi
Offi Dachshund Table Lamp $79.00
Mag Table by Offi
Offi Mag Table from $199.00

Low Rider Lounge Chair by Offi
Offi Low Rider Lounge Chair $399.00
Tiki Stool by Offi
Offi Tiki Stool $99.00
Mod Lounger by Offi
Offi Mod Lounger $599.00

Magazine Stand and News Organizer by Offi
Offi Magazine Stand and News Organizer from $149.00
Embrace Table by Offi
Offi Embrace Table from $279.00

Siamese Table/Floor Lamp by Offi
Offi Siamese Table/Floor Lamp $79.00
Bongo Lamp/Stool by Offi
Offi Bongo Lamp/Stool $149.00
Teenager Chair by Offi
Offi Teenager Chair $149.00

BBox Stacking Shelves by Offi
Offi BBox Stacking Shelves from $399.00

Tote Table by Offi
Offi Tote Table $149.00
Momo Bench by Offi
Offi Momo Bench from $899.00

Bloom Barstool by Offi
Offi Bloom Barstool from $399.00

Bloom Molded Ply Stool by Offi
Offi Bloom Molded Ply Stool from $249.00
Bench Box by Offi
Offi Bench Box from $899.00

Otto Ottoman by Offi
Offi Otto Ottoman $299.00