Modern Gold Desks

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How A Gold Desk Can Sophisticate your Room Decor

A modern gold desk can be an eye-catching focal point or statement-making addition to your favorite at-home office or work space. Perfect for glam or art deco-inspired spaces, a modern gold desk is the perfect place to set up a computer or laptop to have an at-home office or create a spacious area for writing, drawing, or getting additional tasks done. Because the metallic finish is such a stand-out in most spaces, it's best to let the desk be the focal point and accentuate it with additional decor and furniture. Opt for a simple rug in a jewel tone or bold color and look for additional furniture with pops of gold hardware to round out the look. The perfect accompaniment to a gold desk, leather upholstery looks great in the form of a desk chair, lounge chair, or even an ottoman. Add in some subtle lighting and your favorite artwork for a stylish space that is ready for action.

Choosing Which Gold Desk Is Right For You

When selecting a gold desk, you should decide which size, shape, and style is right for you. Decide if you would like a desk that is entirely gold or has pops of additional color like white, black, blue, or red. Next decide on the size and shape that will best fit your space. A small rectangular design is perfect for an apartment or smaller work space, whereas a large rectangular or oval shape is ideal for a dedicated room within your home. In terms of style, are you going for more glam or more art deco? Or maybe even mid-century modern? All of these aesthetics can be easily achieved with additional decor and accents that complete your space.

What Else To Think About When Buying A Gold Desk

When selecting a modern gold desk, it is important to think about the space it will be in and the purposes you want the desk to serve. Decide how much storage you will need the desk to have in order to create a functional and productive work space at home. Are a few drawers enough, or do you also need a file cabinet and tabletop storage pieces to keep your space clean and clutter-free. Also think about the decor within the room you are looking to put the gold desk in. Will the colors in the space work with a metallic desk color? Does your desk chair match the opulence of the desk? Making sure your new gold desk will effortlessly fit within your current space will ensure a smooth transition and a beautiful room.

Modern Gold Desks FAQs

  • How Is Gold Used In Interior Design?

Gold works well in interior spaces just like other metals – such as chrome or silver, as a reflective surface to bounce light back into a room, adding a touch of sparkle and opulence, and it can also work to bring a touch of warmth to a room. Selecting a gold desk for your home is a great way to create a luxurious, warm, and decorative work space that will continue to look impressive year after year.

  • Are Gold Desks Still In Style?

While gold can certainly be a metallic choice for more traditional spaces in chandeliers, pendants, or wall sconces, having a gold desk can elevate a space and work within a glam, art deco, mid-century modern, and even coastal-themed homes. Just be sure to balance the space with plenty of color and texture to create a stylish space that is unique to you.

  • Is It Better To Have An L-Shaped Desk?

Spacious and ergonomic by design, L-Shaped desks are perfect for large home offices and workspaces and can anchor the room with help from a large rug. With ample surface area and storage options, an L-Shaped desk will have everything you need. However, if you are looking to suit a smaller room or space in your home, a floating desk or compact, more traditional design will be the best option.