Modern Low Stools

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Accent your space in style and alleviate impromptu seating needs with a low stool

When casual, portable seating is called for, few pieces of furniture are as valuable as a pair of small stools. A small stool can serve a range of functions, both permanent and temporary, and can be the ultimate go-to furniture piece for impromptu needs. Every home can benefit from a small stool or two, and maximizing your investment in low stools means, as with any furniture purchase, focusing on ones that up the ante in terms of both functionality and form.

Why are small stools important?

Small, low stools offer a couple of key advantages. Firstly, unlike bar stools or kitchen stools, which can dominate a room while serving a more specific function, low stools have a subtle presence, but can serve a variety of needs in a pinch. Their sheer versatility—they're lightweight, have myriad applications, and can easily segue from living room to bedroom to study to guest room—makes a low stool supremely valuable anywhere in the home. Secondly, no matter what your budget, a small stool can be relatively inexpensive and still fulfill its function with grace and agility, so breaking the bank when searching for a pair of good- looking, well made, and versatile low stools is rarely a requirement.

Is a small stool a good investment?

The advantage that small stools have over, say, folding chairs or other subsidiary furniture, is that stools can be used as both seating and tables, depending on their materials and weight restrictions. A stool that is not upholstered, for instance, can act as additional seating for a party, but can also be an ideal surface area for placing a cocktail glass or a tray of hors d'oeuvres. An upholstered modern low stool, which may be a comfortable short-term seat, can just as easily morph into the role of footstool or ottoman. Unlike many other pieces of furniture, the advantage of a modern low stool is its ability to lend itself to a variety of needs, and that makes it a very good investment.

Can a small stool still have style?

Small can absolutely be beautiful. Beauty isn't always tied to size, and the fact that an accent stool is petite in stature doesn't mean that it has to fade into the woodwork. Selecting a low stool with the same care that you select a large piece of furniture means getting an optimal return on investment—no matter what the initial investment. The wear and tear on a small stool is unlike that of a sofa or lounge chair, so it makes sense to invest in small stools that are both esthetically beautiful and supremely functional; they will, in all probability, weather the years more gracefully than some of your primary pieces of furniture.

As with all modern furniture, irrespective of price, choose the best-made modern low stool you can afford. A well- constructed piece of furniture made with sturdy materials is always a good idea, no matter its purpose. Longevity is key to buying smartly and sustainably, ensuring that your small stools, like all your modern furniture, stand the test of time, fashion, and trends.