Top Front Porch Lighting Ideas

A simple decor piece that creates a safe, welcoming, and visually-inspired front porch, outdoor lighting ensures your space is properly lit and well-accented all season long.

Step Lights Lead the Way

If your home is situated in a way where the entryway is some distance from the driveway or street via a set of stairs, step lighting adds an additional touch of brightness to provide a well-lit path for visitors for easy entering and exiting during a summertime soiree or festive fall fete. Available in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and finishes, select an option that meshes well with the color of your steps or outdoor decor to effortlessly blend in while providing ample accent lighting.  

Overhead Lighting

If room is limited on either side of your door, installing a flush mount overhead provides ample light to your front door as well as the rest of your porch. The flush mount pictured above is simple, sleek, and powered by LED technology for a powerful glow and energy-efficient capabilities. Pair with outdoor lanterns or simple path lights to create an inviting entrance that is well-defined and super chic.

Outdoor Pendants

Another option for a ceiling-mounted design is a pendant designed for the outdoors. For those front porch spaces with high-enough ceilings, a pendant is a great option that brings a welcomed touch of brightness and effortless style that can easily be matched to your interior or exterior design scheme. For the best experience, hang the pendant no lower than 7 feet to ensure an entryway that is obstacle-free when guests walk underneath.

Flank the Front Door

A classic display of symmetry, installing a sconce on either side of your front door is both pleasing to the eye and effective in creating a welcoming display. Opt for a design that meshes with your design aesthetic as well as the color scheme of your home for a cohesive design that creates intrigue and visual appeal. For the best look from any direction, ensure your sconce is at least a quarter the length of your front door and is installed around 6 feet high to ensure a properly lit front porch space.