What's the Best Rug Size for a Living Room with a Sectional?

When it comes to designing a cozy and inviting living room, finding the right rug size is a crucial element. If you have a sectional sofa in your living space, selecting the ideal rug size becomes even more important. The rug serves as an anchor, tying the various furniture pieces together and creating a harmonious visual appeal. It not only adds comfort underfoot but also contributes to the overall aesthetic of the room. Whether you're aiming for a cozy and intimate atmosphere or a more spacious and open feel, finding the best rug size for your living room with a sectional can make a significant difference. In this guide, we will explore the factors to consider and help you determine the best rug size for your living room with a sectional, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality.  

What Size Rug Works Best With a Sectional?

Standard rug sizes generally include:

  • 6x9’
  • 8x10’
  • 9x12’
  • 10x14’

Things to keep in mind when choosing a living room rug

  • Leave at least six feet between the rug and walls on all sides – otherwise it can look unbalanced
  • When pairing a rug with a couch, it usually looks best if at least two legs of the sofa are on the rug
  • Typically, the rug should extend at least a foot around all sides of the furniture sitting on top of it
  • Since both L-sectionals and chaise sectionals tend to be on the larger side, you’re generally going to need a larger rug to pair with them


How to Place a Rug in a Living Room with a Sectional

Both L-shaped and chaise sectionals can be a bit tricky to pair with rugs, due to their shape and size. Generally, rugs look best if either all of the feet of the sectional are on top of the rug, or at least the front two are on top. Ideally, there should also be space on all sides between the edges of the rug and any nearby walls, so leave at least a foot of rug exposed on all sizes for visual balance.

  • Fully Under the Sectional: If you have a large sectional and want to create a unified and defined seating area, consider a rug that accommodates the entire sectional. This means the rug should extend underneath the entire length and width of the sectional, allowing all the legs to rest on the rug. This creates a cohesive look and visually connects the furniture pieces.
  • Partially Under the Sectional: If you have a smaller sectional or prefer a more open and spacious feel, you can choose a rug that partially extends under the front portion of the sectional. The rug should be large enough to have the front legs of the sectional on it while leaving the back legs off the rug. This creates a visual anchor for the seating area while maintaining a sense of openness.
  • Sectional Off the Rug: Alternatively, you can place the sectional completely off the rug. In this case, the rug should be positioned in front of the sectional, acting as a separate seating or lounge area. This can work well if you have a large room with multiple seating arrangements or if you want to create distinct zones within the space.
  • Room Size Considerations: It's essential to consider the overall size of the room when choosing a rug for your sectional. In a smaller room, a larger rug that accommodates the entire sectional can make the space feel more intimate and cozy. In contrast, a smaller rug or a rug placed in front of the sectional can help maintain a sense of spaciousness in a larger room.


Selecting the ideal rug size for a living room with a sectional is an essential step in creating a well-designed and inviting space. By considering factors such as the dimensions of your sectional, the layout of the room, and your personal preferences, you can make a confident decision about the rug size that best compliments your living room. Remember that a rug should not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also serve a practical purpose by defining and delineating specific areas within the room. A properly sized rug can anchor the sectional and create a cohesive and harmonious atmosphere. Additionally, keep in mind that the rug should allow for comfortable foot traffic around the furniture and accommodate any additional seating or accent pieces you may have. Ultimately, the best rug size for a living room with a sectional is one that makes you feel at home and creates a welcoming and cozy environment for you and your guests.