Things to Remember When Choosing a Modern Sofa

Focus on these key factors when selecting a living room couch.

1. Size and proportion are crucial.

This may seem like an obvious point, but one of the most common mistakes made when purchasing a new sofa is selecting the wrong size. As with all furniture, size and proportion can be the difference between a well designed interior and an awkwardly composed one. So, making precise measurements of your room should be your first step towards finding a couch that best fits its chosen space. In addition to measuring the room, consider the size and proportion of the other seating in your space. If you have a lounge chair, ottoman, or other seating options, they'll need to work in concert with the sofa, ultimately informing the sofa size you finally settle on. Before any purchase, then, measuring is the crucial first step.

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Sofa Length  

  • 60-72 inches               Seats 2
  • 84-90 inches               Seats 3
  • 90+ inches                   Seats 4

Sofa Depth 

  • 25+ inches                       Deep
  • 23-24 inches                 Average
  • 21-22 inches                 Shallow

Sofa Height

  • 22+ inches                     High
  • 20-21 inches                 Average
  • 18-19 inches                 Low

2. Shape makes a difference.

As with size, shape will also determine the overall usability and attractiveness of you living space. Is a standard sofa the best option, or is an L-shaped sectional more practical for your lifestyle? Does an angular shape complement the room's elements, or is there enough room for a rounded, organically shaped sofa? A minimal, low-profile sofa may be the perfect solution, or a sumptuously upholstered couch may be the ideal counterpoint to other minimalist furnishings. Just as it's essential for gauging size, measuring your room or space properly will also give you key information about which sofa shape can be best accommodated by the square footage you're working with—and will will help avert common mistakes.

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