Modern Round Coffee Tables

Perfect Circles: 10 Round Coffee Tables

We're turning our attetnion to some perfect circles: coffee tables that boast elegant lines, innovative materials, versatility—and flawless curves. Whether made from sustainable wood, solid marble, or crystal-clear glass, a round coffee table makes a welcoming contemporary statement, softening the straight edges of a modern room.

How To Craft A Smart & Cozy Small Living Room

Keep things cozy and streamlined with our curated selection of top designs perfect for creating a stylish and functional small living room space.

Anchor your living space with a round coffee table

A round modern coffee table can give your living room a luxe, yet welcoming feel. Arguably the most-used piece of furniture in the room, the coffee table is a multi-purpose hub. It serves as a place to rest your coffee mug, a landing spot for your book or laptop, an impromptu dinner table, and a perfect opportunity to add a decorative touch with small accent pieces and meaningful personalization. A coffee table is an essential addition to your refined, modern living area.

How to choose the right coffee table for your living room

The ideal coffee table should deliver function and style. Considering a few key factors will help you narrow the search and ensure that you choose the round modern coffee table that works best for you.


  • Choose a coffee table rated for outdoor use to create a cozy, functional gathering space on your patio. Accompany it with seating, lighting, and décor to create an unbeatable ambiance in your outdoor living area.
  • A coffee table with storage is a smart and stylish way to stow away blankets, toys, and other items. Storage tables are particularly useful in small spaces because they make full use of the table’s footprint.
  • Round nesting coffee tables are a clever choice. Stacking together when you don’t need the additional table space and providing ample tabletop use when the need arises, nesting tables are versatile and resourceful.
  • Ottomans are an ingenious way to introduce a practical piece to your living space. Use your round ottoman as a coffee table, place a decorative tray on top and accent it with stylish furnishings, and even use it as additional seating for guests. Ottomans are also a popular choice for parents because they provide a soft place to land for the youngest members of the family.


  • Whether you prefer oak, walnut, or pine, wood is a popular choice for modern coffee table designs. Wooden tables are known for their durability, and they come in a broad variety of styles.
  • A glass coffee table or tabletop lends a refined layer to your home. Glass can elevate your coffee table design to a whole new level of style.
  • A round marble coffee table adds sophistication to your living space. Marble is a substantial, well-appointed, luxurious choice.
  • Choose a coffee table with metal elements to create an industrial mood in your room.


  • Use neutral, earthy colors to introduce a natural element to your home.
  • A brightly-colored coffee table can make a bold, daring statement in your living room. A bright, round table can be the starting point of a whole new design scheme, or it can simply be an eye-catching addition to an otherwise neutral room.
  • Use a black coffee table to provide your living room with rich contrast.
  • Opt for a round, white coffee table for a clean, sharp, and sophisticated design component.


  • Use a farmhouse-style coffee table for warm, rustic appeal.
  • Focus on simplicity with a Scandinavian design.
  • Incorporate a touch of retro charm with a round, mid-century modern-style table.
  • Complement your modern interior design with a contemporary coffee table.

Use a round coffee table as the centerpiece of your modern living room

With round coffee tables, family and friends can easily settle in and contribute to the conversation. Guests have an equal opportunity to comfortably reach the table, making for a comfortable and welcoming environment. Because they are free of sharp edges, round coffee tables are a popular choice for households with young children. They are also a clever choice for limited spaces. Choose a bespoke, abstract design from Urbia; a bright, artistic table from Heller; a sleek, contemporary piece from Bernhardt; or any of the other carefully curated options available at 2Modern for an impeccable addition to your modern home.