Modern Outdoor Side & End Tables

11 Chic Outdoor Patio Ideas By Style

From an intimate dinner for two, to a poolside party with friends and family – outdoor patios are everything right now. Peruse our top patio ideas by style to enjoy that sun-kissed summer feeling any time of year.

Chic and Petite: Ideas for Small Modern Patios

Turn your outdoor patio into the little slice of heaven you deserve. Our small modern patio ideas have you covered from seaside to urban life. From charming bistro sets, to rugs and planters that provide the finishing touch, your patio will be the dreamiest of places to relax and take a minute.

Balance your patio or poolside entertaining space with outdoor side tables

When outdoor season begins, composing an inspiring and comfortable outdoor patio, deck, or terrace may become a priority. Finding the right outdoor furniture, of course, is the major consideration, and once you've purchased your main pieces—namely patio table and seating—you'll want to consider subsidiary modern outdoor furniture pieces, like an outdoor side table or two. Versatile, and easy to move around, outdoor side tables are a great investment because they tend to be less costly than other larger pieces of furniture, add visual interest, and can be great fun to shop for.

What should I look for in a modern outdoor side table?

The great thing about shopping for contemporary outdoor side tables or outdoor end tables is that you can be adventurous with sizes, colors, and designs. Unlike larger pieces of furniture, which become focal points in an outdoor space, a small outdoor table—like a modern round patio table or a pair of patio end tables are both functional and adaptable, making them suitable to a variety of functions at a moment's notice. So, it's always smart to invest in a contemporary outdoor side table or two that's lightweight, well constructed, and blends into any outdoor arrangement without much fuss.

How many outdoor side tables do I need?

Depending on how large or small your outdoor space is, it's probably a good idea to have at least a patio side table or two on hand. There's no reason to go crazy with a whole range of tables, but having a couple of tables that are not the main event–a small outdoor console table and a small round patio table, for instance—will always come in handy for a whole host of needs. An outdoor console table, for instance, makes a great outdoor bar, a place to set up wine, liquor, glasses and ice. Any small outdoor table, or a pair of them, make excellent outdoor end tables for holding cocktail glasses, hors d'oeuvres, candles, or plants.

Should my modern outdoor side tables match each other?

No. Whether you have a single contemporary outdoor side table or a bunch of them, there's no reason to think in terms of matching tables. As mentioned before, the beauty of the modern outdoor side table is that you can be as adventurous as you want to with it. Designer outdoor side tables, whether an outdoor console table or patio side table, are visually interesting and supremely functional, so think of an outdoor side table as the icing on the cake of outdoor room design. It may not be the main component of an outdoor space, but serves both a practical and decorative use—and is instrumental in making a room look complete. Matching a designer outdoor side table up to other tables in your outdoor space should never be the objective. Rather, a well constructed side table or collection of tables that are both visually pleasing and adaptable is what you should aim for.