Modern Outdoor Coffee Tables

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Anchor and accentuate your patio or desk space with outdoor coffee tables

Decorating an outdoor space is every bit as fun as decorating indoor spaces—and if you’re lucky enough to have a large outdoor space, you may find yourself in the market for a modern outdoor coffee table. The good news is that outdoor coffee tables are no longer limited to ones that look specifically like outdoor furniture, but can be every bit as elegant and contemporary as indoor furniture. Before you make a final purchase, though, consider some questions about the modern outdoor coffee table you’re hoping for:

Why should I purchase a contemporary outdoor coffee table?

There’s really only one reason to purchase a designer patio coffee table, and that is that you have a seating area large enough for a sofa and chairs—and a modern outdoor coffee table completes the ensemble. Because outdoor coffee tables, like all coffee tables, tend to take up more room than a small garden table or a couple of side tables, a decent amount of outdoor space is required to accommodate them. So before you go shopping for patio coffee tables be absolutely sure that they’re the best solution for your outdoor space, and that a couple of smaller tables won’t do the job more efficiently.

What height should be a modern outdoor coffee table be?

The height of a patio coffee table or garden coffee table should always be comfortable in relation to the seating around it—which means that while there’s no formula for table-to-seating ratio, you definitely want to avoid designer outdoor coffee tables that are taller than than their surrounding sofa or chairs. Ideally, patio coffee tables should be easy to reach from the sofa and other accompanying seating, and should be visually balanced with the other furniture on the patio, deck or garden. Avoiding getting a too-tall coffee table is easy enough by measuring the seating height of your chairs or sofa beforehand, and being mindful of not purchasing patio coffee tables that are taller.

How big should my outdoor coffee table be?

The one thing you don’t want to do is overwhelm patios and decks with oversized modern outdoor coffee tables. Remember that outdoor spaces should be casual and breezy, and provide space not just for furniture for people to sit on, but space for people to walk around in. When choosing a contemporary patio coffee table, no matter how attractive, make sure that it doesn’t obstruct both the visual and the literal space, and leaves enough room for people to walk around, lounge comfortably, and engage in conversation.

Because outdoor coffee tables are often the focal point of a space, it’s a common mistake to think bigger is better. A small garden table can just as easily be a suitable outdoor outdoor patio table than a lavishly sized coffee table, so don’t get wrapped up in size as being key to making a design statement. A coffee table’s job is to complement the seating arrangement and enhance communion between guests, not impede it.