Modern Home Decor

20 Dining Room Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Often the social center for the home , the dining room is a great space to express your style, skillfully reflecting the many ways in which you can use it. Peruse our picks for creating the modern dining room of your dreams.

How To Craft A Smart & Cozy Small Living Room

Keep things cozy and streamlined with our curated selection of top designs perfect for creating a stylish and functional small living room space.

What is Modern Home Decor?

Modern home decor can come in many shapes and sizes to balance out your home and accentuate your well-thought out furniture and lighting design pieces. For a modern home, each room requires a different type of decor to make the space feel lived-in, complete, and fully put together. The modern design style is clean lined, sophisticated, but also calming and cozy. Typically utilizing a palette of neutral, earth tones, modern design can incorporate pops of color as well to accentuate your space and bring some eye-catching detail. Geometric forms can be found in furniture, lighting, and decor pieces to add some unexpected allure, while all designs have an overall air of functionality, ensuring that they add value to your space for both aesthetics and frequent use.

How Modern Home Decor Can Accentuate Your Room

For modern living room decor, wall art is a great option to fill empty spaces or for smaller, tighter spaces, adding in mirrors works to reflect light and make a room feel more open. Cozy throws and pillows and a pop of color and texture to sofas and sectionals, while chic planters bring a much-needed verdant touch to round out the look. For dining room home decor, add candle holders to the center of your table along with a chic stoneware or metal bowl filled with potpourri or your favorite floral designs. Crystal glassware and sleek metal serving pieces are perfect to be used for a meal or to put on display all year round. For the bedroom, top your nightstands with metallic or marble lamps for a touch of brightness and keep your jewelry and accessories organized with storage designs including baskets, bins, and chic wall-mounted racks. For all rooms, rugs are an excellent addition to anchor your space or define space within a room and can add color, texture, eye-catching pattern and more to your living, sleeping, or entertainment spaces with ease. Look for wool or polypropylene designs for heavy traffic spaces that get frequent use.

Is Modern Home Decor Going Out Of Style?

Because modern decor is ever changing and completely adaptable and versatile, it is a design style that can be applied to many other interior design schemes to create a timeless look that never goes out of style. By creating a balanced space with clean lines and sleek fixtures, you can easily create a space utilizing modern home decor that will be stylish and welcoming for many years to come. At 2Modern, we have a wide selection of modern furniture, decor, lighting, and more to suit all of your interior and exterior design needs. Peruse our curated selection to find the best pieces to elevate and accentuate your home.

Modern Home Decor FAQs

  • What Makes A Design Modern?

Modern home decor designs and furniture are characterized by monochromatic color palettes, clean lines, minimalism, natural materials, and natural light. Taking inspiration from the design movement in the early mid-twentieth century, this interior design trend continues to live on to this day in many designs created with pure beauty and functionality in mind.

  • How Can I Make My Room Look More Modern?

With many different types of modern decor, you can decorate your space in a variety of ways to get the look that you want. Pick neutral, calming colors for your base, layer rugs for an unexpected floor covering design, hide away all clutter in neatly designed storage furniture pieces, and make sure you have a clear layout within your room spacing furniture and decor appropriately to ensure proper flow and effortless enjoyment.

  • What Is The Difference Between Modern And Contemporary Decor?

Modern decor tends to be based on a style from the past, specifically the mid-twentieth century, whereas contemporary decor is all about the present and the future. Modern design encompasses a variety of styles including mid-century modern, art deco, and industrial. Contemporary design tends to lean towards a more futuristic style, favoring blacks, whites and grays with pops of intentional color, state-of-the-art materials, and new-age silhouettes.