Modern LED Chandeliers

20 Mouth-Watering Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

The very definition of statement lighting, chandeliers are designed to garner attention. Our favorite modern dining room chandeliers, featured below, are no exception, each delicious design ready to sparkle, shimmer and steal the spotlight in any dining space.

Top Bedroom Lighting Ideas For A Well-Lit Daily Routine

Brighten up your daily routine with our curated selection of bedroom lighting ideas to ensure your sanctuary is a well-balanced space of chic decor and inspired sparkle.

Why Choose an LED Chandelier?

An elegant and eye-catching addition to any space, chandeliers offer a bright touch and visual appeal to your space, but by selecting an LED chandelier, you are able to replicate the same look within your space creating bright light while saving on energy costs. If you love the look of a modern chandelier, but hate the idea of having to change lightbulbs, LED chandeliers can greatly reduce constant maintenance by offering powerful lighting that can last up to 50,000 hours. As you aren’t constantly using chandeliers in your average day to day, this means you can use your LED chandelier for decades before needing to change a single bulb. Energy-efficient, modern LED chandeliers work to reduce your energy consumption and environmental footprint while also reducing your power bill. LED lights are also available in a wide range of color temperatures allowing you to select the right look that complements the mood for your space whether it's a bedroom, bathroom, living room, or dining room.

How a Modern LED Chandelier Can Accentuate Your Room

Modern LED chandeliers are available in a wide range of styles, materials, sizes, and finish options all ready to accentuate your interior or exterior and blend with your aesthetic. With LED lighting gaining popularity within lighting design, a majority of chandeliers are either specifically LED chandeliers or can be LED compatible with an LED bulb. Since modern LED chandeliers are available in a wide range of styles, they can easily work in a cozy and rustic farmhouse living room, a spacious Scandinavian bedroom, or as a decorative touch in a mid-century modern dining space. Smaller modern LED chandeliers are perfect for hallways, bedrooms, and kitchens, whereas larger, more statement-making chandeliers can be used in a dining room, entryway, or lighting up a staircase. Opt for a modern LED chandelier that blends well with your current surroundings and furniture, while still standing out on its own as a functional piece of decor.

What Else to Think About When Buying LED Chandeliers

When selecting an LED chandelier for your home, you will also want to consider the number of lights that chandelier has and how much brightness it will bring to your space. For larger areas, a higher number of lights is suggested to provide the additional brightness needed to cover more square footage. While chandeliers make great statement pieces and do provide an excellent light source, you will want to balance out and supplement that light source with other luminaries for a well-rounded living space. Whether you opt for recessed lighting, pendant lights, sconces, track lighting, or flush mounts, depending on the size of your space, additional lighting will be needed to ensure proper illumination.

LED Chandeliers FAQs

  • Are LED Chandeliers Dimmable?

When shopping for a new LED chandelier, you will want to confirm if the chandelier itself and the type of lighting it takes is dimmable. While a majority of chandelier designs are dimmable, not all LED light bulbs can be dimmed. Unlike with standard incandescent and halogen lamps, with LED’s you will need to check if they are in fact dimmable. LED light bulbs that are dimmable will typically be labeled on the box. You will also need a proper transformer and dimmer that is between 0-150 Watts so that your LED bulbs can be properly dimmed without flickering.

  • How Long Do LED Chandeliers Last?

One of the many benefits of purchasing an LED chandelier is that it requires less changing of light bulbs due to their energy-efficiency and long-lasting nature. While a typical incandescent light bulb was designed to last around 1,000 hours, a majority of LED lighting fixtures can last anywhere from 30,000 to 100,000 hours meaning you could go 10-20 years before needing to change a single light bulb.

  • Are LED Chandeliers Still in Style?

As LED truly refers to the type of bulb the chandelier is compatible with, LED chandeliers are still very much in style as they are available in a wide range of aesthetics to suit your needs. Thanks to an extensive range of LED chandeliers available on 2Modern, your lighting aesthetic needs can be met while providing you with energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free illumination.