Modern Green Sofas

Things to Remember When Choosing a Modern Sofa

We've put together the key factors to focus on when selecting the perfectly plush couch for your favorite living space.

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What Encapsulates Modern Green Sofas

With more time spent at home, people are looking for ways to bring the outdoors in, to feel relaxed, refreshed, and energized. The color green is becoming more and more prevalent in interior design schemes and a great way to incorporate that is with a modern green sofa. Modern green sofas are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, materials, and hues to make crafting the perfect living room, bedroom, or lounge space vignette a breeze. Whether you opt for a traditional sofa silhouette or are looking for more curves, plush cushions, geometric shapes, or avant garde allure, modern green sofas provide comfort, style, and an eye-catching focal point in any space. 

Choosing Which Modern Green Sofa Is Right For You

There are several things to consider when buying a modern green sofa, but the most important is shade and size. The darker or lighter the shade of green you select will change the colors you will want to use to accent the sofa both on the wall and with surrounding decor. For size, you want to consider if this sofa should seat 2, 3, 4, or be a sectional that is prepared to host a full family. Consider the size of the space the sofa will be in as well as the intentions for the sofa’s use. If you’re looking for a more upscale showstopper, velvet upholstery works best with its jewel-tone and rich feel. For a more casual, bright, and fresh option, stripes or checks in lime green or light green can make your space feel airy and fun. 

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Green Sofas

When thinking about buying a modern green sofa, you want to consider the use of the sofa and the space it will be sitting in. If the sofa is going to get a lot of wear and tear from constant use in a living room or lounge area, be sure to go with a more durable material like fabric upholstery, whereas leather tends to soften and crack with age and faux leather can eventually peel with too much use. If the sofa will be an extra seat in an office or entryway where it might not get as much use, opt for a smaller size that provides enough room for a comfortable seat, but doesn’t require many bells and whistles. For a living room or master bedroom where the sofa will get much more use, look for specific upholstery, foam or even down cushions, and any additional detailing like channel stitching and button tufting to ensure you get the exact look you want. 

Modern Green Sofas FAQs

  • Are Green Sofas On Trend? 

Green sofas are certainly having a moment and while jewel-tone sofas have been trending for quite a while now, it's clear that emerald-colored sofas are coming out on top. While there is somewhat of a commitment when choosing a green-colored sofa, it offers an unexpected touch of earthiness and quells the cravings for elevating the natural elements within a home. 

  • How Do I Design A Room With A Green Couch?

If you’ve chosen a fabulous modern green sofa and are looking to design a room around it, let the color of the sofa do the talking and opt for clean/bright/neutral shades on the walls. Brilliant white, cream, or off-white work best. Accent colors in other shades of green work well together as well as hints of copper which complement green quite nicely. Add in lush, billowing plants for a calming and relaxing environment and when all else fails, green on green on green can create a space where all shades work together in balance. 

  • What Cushions Should I Put On A Green Sofa?

Beige and other light, muted neutrals are the perfect option to elevate and accentuate a green sofa, especially if on the darker side in an emerald or forest. These light neutrals add a welcomed touch of contrast and can help tone down the boldness of your color selection.