Modern Lounge Chairs

Add Pizzazz to a Room With Modern Accent Chairs

Bring visual intrigue and versatile functionality to any room with our list of top modern accent chairs offering striking silhouettes and bold color options.

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Finding the perfect chair for lounging around.

When it comes to chairs, no home is complete without inviting modern lounge chairs. Roomy and enveloping, the ideal chair is stylish, supremely comfortable, and—owing to its larger size—often something of a design statement. Our selection of chairs comprises Mid Century Modern classics and innovative recent designs, alike—a collection of roomy contemporary chairs tailor-made for kicking back and staying put for a while.

Thoughtfully designed modern chairs add warmth to a contemporary space.

Even in a spare and minimal interior design scheme, a modern lounge chair can add a measure of upholstered comfort and warmth to a room. A beautifully tailored, but plushly upholstered chair complements and contrasts more pared down furniture pieces, helping to project a clearly contemporary, but comfortable and inviting ambience, and helping to create a space that makes you want stay put for a while.

Make shopping for contemporary chairs fun.

As with all chairs, shopping is not just a challenge, but great fun. With a seemingly endless number of shapes, sizes, materials, and price points from which to choose, shopping for a modern chair or a suite of accent chairs can be both an education and an adventure—and a means of personal expression. So, it doesn’t all have to be business when shopping for that singular chair.

Don’t be afraid to spring for a pair of modern chairs.

What’s better than one stylish chair? How about a pair? If you find a modern chair that strikes your fancy, consider a pair of them. Depending on their size and shapes, a pair of roomy upholstered modern chairs can even stand in for a couch or sofa in a small space—creating the kind of hospitable and stylish living space expected of rooms furnished with sofas and sectionals. If space is not at a premium, more than one can add to a modern seating configuration beautifully, complementing sofa or side chairs with their size and material warmth.