Modern Dining Chairs

20 Elegant Dining Room Chairs

Our favorite dining room chairs have more than good looks to recommend them. Ranging from iconic to innovative, eco-friendly to cutting edge, these distinctive modern designs are superbly crafted to offer both comfort and versatility.

20 Dining Room Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Often the social center for the home , the dining room is a great space to express your style, skillfully reflecting the many ways in which you can use it. Peruse our picks for creating the modern dining room of your dreams.

Use Dining Chairs to Set the Tone in Your Dining Room

The chairs you select for your dining room should reflect your own impeccable, modern taste. Mixing and matching chair styles can create an eclectic atmosphere while choosing an understated design allows the simplicity to speak for itself. Your one-of-a-kind sensibilities will guide you toward a color, type, style, and material.

How to Choose the Style That Speaks to You

Whether you decide to let your dining chairs determine the style of the rest of your dining room or you’re on a quest to complement existing dining room furniture, 2Modern has the perfect stylish and refined chairs for you. With a wide selection of modern dining room chairs available at 2Modern, you’ll want to begin your search with a few key features in mind.


  • Opt for white chairs for clean, eye-catching contrast.
  • Choose black seating for a rich, modern touch.
  • Make a bold choice with red chairs to add the perfect pop of color.
  • Use blue chairs to incorporate a cool, calming hint of hue.
  • Incorporate clear chairs to put a contemporary spin on the dining experience.
  • Select neutral, earth-toned seating for its subtle but beautiful charm.


  • Rustic, farmhouse-style chairs add an inviting element to your home. You can even mix and match farmhouse seating with other styles for a diverse, custom look.
  • Scandinavian seating adds a simple but stunning touch to any dining room.
  • Mid-century modern chairs are the perfect way to incorporate retro glamour into your dining area.


  • Metal seating (think aluminum or stainless steel) can add dimension and a hint of industrial appeal.
  • Wood chairs are beloved for a reason – they offer a durable, heirloom-quality, earthy touch. They withstand the daily wear and tear that’s sure to occur with regular use. Popular woods are birch, beech, maple, ash, and walnut.
  • Velvet chairs impart a luxe and lavish look.
  • Leather provides a rich, supple texture and offers easy clean-up. These qualities make leather chairs an ideal option for any lifestyle.
  • Plastic or acrylic seats add to the mid-century modern style of your dining room.


  • Side chairs ensure each guest has plenty of space at the table.
  • Arm chairs make a substantial statement at the head of the table.
  • Dining benches are uniquely versatile. They play well in an entryway, dining space, bedroom, or as additional seating when unexpected guests show up.

Use Dining Chairs to Create a Welcoming Dining Atmosphere

Carefully curating your dining chairs to complement your table will give your dining room and your entire home a more enticing atmosphere. Your dining room will become the inviting, warm gathering area that your family deserves. Mealtime will be comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable when you pull up a chair with the seating options available at 2Modern.

Modern Dining Chairs FAQs

  • What Fabric is the Best for Dining Chairs?

If you are opting for a modern upholstered dining chair, you will want to select an upholstery that is equally comfortable as it is durable. The most common fabrics used for modern dining chairs are cotton and linen. These natural fabrics are breathable and comfortable all year round. Sturdy and highly resistant to wear and tear, these fabrics are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and patterns to add a well-balanced accent to any dining space. Synthetic materials like polyester and viscose are also a great choice as they are highly resistant to staining, wrinkling, and fading, while being more durable and stronger than natural fabrics.

  • Should Dining Chairs Have Arms?

This totally depends on personal preference and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve within your space. Dining chairs with arms are more ergonomic and promote better health when seated, but might not always fit in with your design scheme. They are, however, the best choice if you plan on being seated for long periods of time as guests will be able to rest their arms and truly relax. No matter what style of dining chair you choose, be sure there is ideally 24” of space between each chair to ensure guests can slide their chairs in and out from the table without bumping elbows or colliding with other chairs.

  • Can You Mix and Match Dining Chairs?

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a perfectly matched dining table and chair set, you can easily transform your dining room from predictable to personal with a carefully curated mix of different dining chairs. While there is no right or wrong answer when selecting your dining chairs as it all comes down to personal preference, the key is to find an element of consistency to achieve a cohesive, yet chic dining set up. An easy way to mix and match dining chairs is to alternate the end chairs at the head of the table. Choosing an upholstered high back design for a more regal touch while the rest of your dining chairs are wood or metal lets them stand out while bringing a dynamic touch to your space. More options include selecting a matching color, material, or shape to tie together the table. Seating a crowd? A dining bench is a simple way to create a mix and match feel without going over the top.

  • How to Clean Dining Room Chairs?

The best method of cleaning for dining room chairs depends on the material of your chairs' upholstery. To start, always vacuum your seat to gather any loose crumbs or dirt. For fabric upholstery, use a mixture of hot water and a few drops of dish soap to wipe any majorly stained areas with a microfiber cloth. Hydrogen peroxide can help with major stains, but just be sure to test on a small spot before cleaning your entire chair. For leather upholstery, dust with a dry cloth and then wipe with the same soap and water solution, but work quickly so as not to let the moisture seep into the leather material. A monthly application of leather cream will keep your upholstery soft and moisturized and looking brand new.