Bowl Pendant Lights

Top 16 Modern Pendant Lights

Scene-stealers, whether hung individually or in clusters, modern pendant lights make dazzling design statements. Our favorite pendants comprise the ornamental and the minimal, the industrial and the cutting edge—each a lights-out example of modern pendant lighting at its best.

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How do bowl pendant lights complete the modern home?

Lighting is an important part of each and every home. With the ability to change the illumination and overall design aesthetic of your space, lighting plays an essential role in your home’s look and feel. Bowl pendant lighting is a stylish way to upgrade the lighting in your contemporary home. Because they offer upscale modern style without making an over-the-top, grandiose statement, bowl pendants are a chic, functional, and ultra-popular solution to your lighting needs. At 2Modern, our gorgeous selection of bowl pendants offers a variety of colors, materials, and styles. You’re sure to find a design that speaks to your own personal design aesthetic.

Features to consider when choosing bowl pendant lighting

One important feature to think about when selecting a bowl pendant light is the color that suits your home and your style best. White modern bowl pendant lights bring a clean, sleek touch to any space, while black lighting adds depth and sophistication. Metallic hues like silver and gold make a shimmering addition to the home, combining traditional charm with modern flair. Use your lighting to complete the color scheme in your home, or use it as inspiration for an entirely new color palette in your favorite space.

Decide on the material that appeals to you most. Glass fixtures are a brilliant addition to contemporary homes because they add a reflective and timeless touch. Metal brings a hint of industrial harmony, and crystal amps up the elegance and sophistication of your space. Modern bowl pendant lights also come in more surprising, unconventional materials, such as alabaster, bone china, reclaimed shell, fabric, and more. The material of your lighting is a unique opportunity to add unexpected interest and appeal.

Do a walkthrough of your home and evaluate the style of your favorite pieces. Perhaps you have a clear design scheme, or maybe you favor an eclectic, mix-and-match style. Having a specific style in mind is helpful when selecting bowl pendants. Incorporate industrial fixtures to create a raw, chic space, or use farmhouse lighting for a warm and welcoming ambiance. Choose traditional designs to welcome classic charm, or opt for a contemporary design for an ultra-modern look. Your lighting should make a clear, beautiful statement and bring your style into sharp focus.

Finally, think about the number of pendants your space requires. Evaluating your existing ambient lighting is a smart starting point. Will your pendants serve as additional ambient lighting, will they be primarily decorative, or are they intended as task lighting? You’ll want to choose fixtures in a quantity that sheds the perfect amount of light for your specific needs. For a reading corner or an artistic display, group 3 pendants together at varying heights. Use a single pendant for a small entryway, or use 2, 3, or even 4 lights to brighten and highlight your kitchen island or dining table. For more help with choosing the right lighting for your kitchen or dining space, take a look out our 4-step how-to guide.

Use modern bowl pendant lights for a well-lit and well-appointed home

With designs ranging from avant garde to simple, features like shades or globes, and so much more, you’re sure to find the perfect bowl pendants for your contemporary home at 2Modern. Choose from top designers like Generation Lighting, Hubbardton Forge, Minka Lavery, Hudson Valley Lighting, and more. Our carefully-curated collection of lighting truly offers options for every room of your home.