Modern Bathroom Chandeliers

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Can Chandeliers Be Used in a Bathroom

Yes! Chandeliers make an excellent lighting choice for a bathroom to bring a sophisticated and seriously chic touch to your space. However, there are a few requirements when selecting a modern chandelier to make sure it is right for your master or guest bath. Ensure that the fixture you have chosen is Damp or Wet-Rated, meaning it can stand up to moisture and humidity without corrosion or mildew issues. Dry-Rated chandeliers should only be used in bathrooms without a bathtub or shower as there would be no issue with moisture. Many bathroom fixtures are also outfitted with LED lighting technology, which offers a more powerful and energy-efficient design and is superior in bathrooms to provide excellent lighting without having to worry about changing bulbs as frequently. UL and ETL rated fixtures are also ideal for bathroom spaces as they have met or exceeded function and demand standards for electrical designs and ensure your design will function properly and to its fullest ability for many years to come.

What Finishes Work Best for Chandeliers in a Bathroom?

The finish you select for your bathroom chandelier really depends on the style in which you have designed your space. For Scandinavian or rustic-inspired bathrooms, a black-finished chandelier can make a dramatic statement in an all-white space, while warm wood tones or pure white also offer striking beauty when hung from above. For a more contemporary space, chrome, brushed nickel, or stunning brass finishes work to tie a space together and can be matched to the hardware of your cabinets, or offer a stunning contrast. Lastly, for coastal or tropical-themed bathrooms lighting fixtures in burnished bronze or hints of cool blue bring seaside style and ensure your bathroom is filled with tranquil vibes only.

How To Choose Bathroom Chandelier Style

Styles of chandeliers that are suitable for bathrooms run the gamut from refined traditional with crystal accents and a tiered look, oversized and ready to make a contemporary statement, or lovely and layered offering perfectly diffused light for a welcomed warm glow. Select a style that acts as a functional piece of lighting providing you the touch of brightness you need, but also acts as a fabulous decor piece to accentuate your space. To best select a size for your bathroom, measure the width and length of the room, add these two numbers together and consider the number in inches rather than feet. This then translates to the ideal diameter of a chandelier that works best to fill your room. In terms of height, a good rule of thumb is 2 to 3 inches of chandelier length per foot of wall height.

For example, if a bathroom is 5 feet by 8 feet with 9 foot ceilings, you would want to select a 13 inch in diameter chandelier that is no more than 18-27 inches in height. Don’t forget to select a dimmable design if you desire to be able to adjust the brightness for late night bubble baths or early morning routines. Whatever your style and whatever your preference, 2Modern has a wide selection of chandelier designs ready for your small, master, guest, half or full baths, and ensure you will fully enjoy what we have to offer.