Modern Floor Mats

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Modern floor mats bring function and style to the well-appointed home

Door mats are a necessity in and around every household. They keep your floors clean by giving guests a place to wipe their feet before coming inside. Modern door mats are also an unbeatable way to create a welcoming and beautifully decorated entryway, porch, or patio. At 2Modern, you’ll find a wide selection of luxurious and lovely mats that complement your design aesthetic perfectly.

How to choose the perfect contemporary floor mat

When choosing a modern door mat, it’s important to decide where the mat will be placed. Some materials work best indoors, while more durable, weatherproof designs make a brilliant addition to your outdoor spaces. If you’re using the mat in a high-traffic mud room or at your front door, you might choose a long-lasting vinyl design. For a chic and well-decorated balcony, a poly blend or jute mat may be the best choice. Keep your lifestyle, the climate in your area, and your intended placement in mind when choosing a contemporary door mat.

Next, consider which size would be optimal for your modern door mat. Ideally, your contemporary door mat should be a minimum of 80% as wide as the doorway. For example, the most common exterior door measurement is 36”. This means that your mat should be no smaller than 28 ¾” wide. For exterior French doors, you’ll want to find a large door mat that matches the scale of your doorway. For a smaller door, such as a side entry door, you’ll want to go for a more modest design.

Think about the colors and decor style of your home and your existing home accents. Do you want to incorporate a bold, colorful pattern to tie your eclectic color palette together, or would your space benefit most from a neutral beige or gray-toned door mat? Do you have a brightly-colored entry door that would truly pop with a complementary blue or red mat, or would you prefer to let the door take center stage? Picture the mat in your space and allow your style preferences to lead the way.

Transform your house into a warm and well-appointed home with a modern door mat

Door mats tie together your contemporary home and set the tone for your entire space. From the moment your friends or family members walk in, your one-of-a-kind personal style and impeccable taste will be apparent. With the best brands and the most striking designs, 2Modern has a door mat for every home and every discerning eye. Browsing our selection by tastemaking top names, such as Chilewich and Droog, is sure to inspire you to curate a more inviting and elegant space.