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About Modern Furniture

The key to an inspiring and original modern home is, of course, carefully selected modern furniture. Whether choosing a sofa, modern coffee table, storage, or modern bed, a well-composed room necessitates a thoughtful balance of form, scale, materials, and color.

If your taste veers towards elegant minimalism or traditional materials, review our modern classics—an artful collection of designs with which to express your appreciation for timeless creativity. But if your preference is for a stylish, up-to-the-minute room, our vast collection of new designs—streamlined sofas, contemporary lounge chairs, and modern beds—is guaranteed to yield an ideal furniture ensemble for a comfortable and stylish modern space.

What’s the best way to buy modern furniture?

When buying contemporary furniture—whether it's from an online modern furniture store or in person—key factors are practicality, comfort, durability, esthetics—and, of course, price point. Good-looking contemporary furniture that’s poorly crafted or ill-suited to a particular space is a waste of resources, both personal and environmental. Conversely, impeccably crafted, beautiful furniture, while most desirable, may be inaccessibly priced.

The general rule of thumb is to buy the best furniture you can afford. Modern furniture that’s both well crafted and good-looking lasts longer and is inspiring to live with. Cheaply made, lower priced furniture may be tempting, but doesn’t age well, and will typically cost more in the long run. When approached thoughtfully, selecting modern furniture that’s practical for your specific room—den, bedroom, or modern office—suited to your comfort level, and visually pleasing to your senses should be an enjoyable, informative, and ultimately satisfying experience.

What are the key pieces of contemporary furniture I should invest in?

When choosing furniture for your apartment or house, modern bedroom or office, invest in basics: a comfortable sofa, practical dining table, and contemporary bed, are essential, and worth the extra effort in choosing carefully and mindfully. A statement lounge chair or striking coffee table, side chairs, and modern storage pieces will gradually round out your furniture collection, but don’t be in a hurry to buy everything at once. By focusing your efforts on quality, not quantity, you’ll gradually have a collection of furniture that reflects your personal style, and enhances the quality of your life.

How should I develop my own modern furniture style?

Bear in mind that your contemporary furniture, like your home and your clothes, is a personal form of expression. It shouldn’t inform your esthetic so much as reflect it. Rather than fixate on trends and particular styles, focus on furniture that you can live and grow with, and which invigorates your design sense. By paying attention to materials and craftsmanship, scale, color, and texture, you’ll be buying more thoughtfully and spending more wisely, ultimately expanding your modern furniture collection over time. Buying intelligently will sharpen your creative eye, hone your instincts for good design, and refine your tastes.

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