Modern Walnut Dining Tables

Top 20 Modern Expandable Dining Tables

The dining table should be a place where you can bond with the ones you love and revel in a day well-spent. Whether you are sharing a fabulous meal you spent hours preparing, or a mountain of take-out from just down the street, our top 20 selections of expandable dining tables inspire nights at home building on traditions, old and new.

8 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dining Room Rug

Serving as an accent piece and an anchor for your space, a dining room rug transforms the overall look of a space and forms a foundation on which you can build a room that is both well-appointed and welcoming.

Use a Walnut Dining Table as the Focal Point of Your Entire Modern Home

Walnut is a high-quality hardwood that promises durability and beauty. With their ability to take on a variety of different stain colors and withstand daily wear and tear, walnut tables are a brilliant choice for even the most rough-and-tumble households. At 2Modern, we’ve curated an unbeatable selection of modern walnut dining tables to meet your every need and preference.

Choosing the Perfect Walnut Table for Your Dining Room

The first factor to consider when shopping for a new dining room table is size. You’ll want to choose a table that suits the shape and size of your dining space, but doesn’t disappear into or overwhelm the area. Your table should also be able to accommodate all the seating you need on a regular basis - whether that entails daily meals with family, weekend dinner parties, or simple brunches with a friend. Extendable tables are a wise way to provide guests with a seat at the table, then minimize the footprint of your table when your friends and family head home.

Next, think about the table shape that appeals to you most and suits your space best. Small spaces or square-shaped rooms are the best location for a square or round table, while rectangular or oval tables are well-suited for more spacious dining rooms. You may have a preference when it comes to table shape as well. Choosing the right shape for your modern walnut dining table will ensure that you love your furniture for years to come.

Finally, weigh the many style options when choosing a walnut table for your well-appointed dining room. Mid-century modern tables bring artistic, retro charm, while Scandinavian designs embrace simplicity and minimalism. Contemporary dining tables are chic and conversational, and farmhouse designs contribute to the inviting warmth of your cozy home. Honing in on your personal style will ensure that you choose the perfect dining table.

Anchor Your Stylish Dining Room with a Modern Walnut Dining Table

With its natural charm, gorgeous wood grain, and timeless beauty, solid walnut is an inspired material for an heirloom-quality dining room table. Go for a natural finish, a light stain, or a dark, rich, black stain to complement the rest of your stunning dining room. At 2Modern, you’ll find eye-catching designs by top brands like Copeland Furniture, Blu Dot, Saloom Furniture, and ARTLESS to elevate your dining experience. Complete the look with our beautiful selection of dining chairs, dining benches, sideboards and more.

Walnut Dining Tables FAQs

  • Is Walnut Wood Good for a Dining Table?

Walnut wood is not only beautiful, but an incredibly durable species of wood, perfect for furniture that you plan on using on a regular basis. Walnut wood is hard and dense making it ideal for a dining table to accommodate the whole family and stand out for its beautiful wood grain. Walnut wood can stand up to wear and tear of daily life as long as it is well taken care of and maintained to keep its beautiful finish and construction.

  • How to Clean a Walnut Dining Table?

The best way to clean a solid walnut wood dining table is to create a diluted solution of warm water and mild dish soap. First, clean off any dust from the table with a soft cloth. Dip a microfiber cloth into your mild solution and begin wiping your furniture moving from section to section. Avoid soaking the wood in water and always keep a dry cloth on hand to wipe away any excess moisture to avoid absorption and warping. If there are particular marks or build up you are trying to remove, never use an abrasive cleaning product, sponges, or scrubber to clean as they may scratch the surface and ruin the finish. To protect and maintain your furniture once it is dry, using a microfiber cloth apply a semi-solid or carnauba wax buffing in a firm, circular motion for a lovely sheen.

  • Is Walnut a Luxury Wood?

Although walnut trees are widespread and a relatively common species to find around the world, walnut timber for use in furniture is one of the most luxurious and expensive non-exotic woods on the market. Prized for its strength, grain, and color, it polishes to a very smooth finish and over time develops a lustrous patina.