Modern Planters

10 Stylish Indoor Planters

Bringing joy to the planting season, and beyond, are our favorite indoor planters. Engineered from steel, plastic, concrete, and ceramic, these contemporary planters offer everything from elegance to eco friendly materials, beautifully primed to showcase flowers and greenery throughout the year.

Top 16 Front Porch Planter Ideas

Craft the inviting and well-accented front porch of your dreams with a pop of floral beauty stored in one of our top outdoor planter designs.

Why are Planters the Ideal Accent for a Modern Home?

Any outdoor space—patio, balcony, deck—is an ideal setting for container gardening, and modern planters are a stylish solution, especially when in-ground planting is not possible. For modern design lovers, finding the right style of contemporary planters is easier than ever, given the wide range of clean and elegant modern planter designs now available. If you're considering adding modern planters to your outdoor space, it's a good idea to investigate all your options, and to do so by asking yourself the following questions:


  • Choose a Scandinavian design for a straightforward storage and display solution. A Scandi planter will offer clean lines, simplicity, and supreme functionality.
  • Use a mid-century modern planter to reimagine retro style in your home. Mid-century modern designs typically feature natural colors, interesting details, and plenty of eye-catching flair.
  • Incorporate an avant garde piece to let your contemporary style take center stage. Contemporary avant garde planters are conversational and chic.


  • Opt for a teak wood planter for timeless, natural appeal. Naturally water and mold resistant, teak planters are perfect for Scandinavian, farmhouse, and mid-century modern spaces.
  • A metal planter is incredibly durable and versatile, bringing a touch of industrial, farmhouse, or Scandinavian appeal to your room. Metal is a sturdy, substantial, and contemporary choice.
  • Ceramic or stoneware planters are traditional and sophisticated, better for indoor spaces and covered outdoor spaces. Available in a range of colors, ceramic planters can accent any space.
  • Recycled plastic or polypropylene planters are UV-resistant, waterproof, and incredibly durable. Colorful and eye-catching, plastic planter designs are incredibly versatile and perfect for any environment.


  • Use a handsome, black planter for a rich, modern take on floral display.
  • Choose a gray planter to add a hint of contemporary charm.
  • Go for neutral brown tones to bring warmth and depth into your farmhouse space.
  • Metallic gold or brass planters add shimmer and luxe appeal to any room.
  • Add a bold, colorful planter in orange, blue, red, or yellow to bring visual appeal to your space and make your plants pop.
  • A classic terracotta planter can help add a tropical or boho chic look.

Should I Look for Indoor/Outdoor Modern Planters?

The beauty of many contemporary planters is that they're visually striking and refined enough to be mistaken for modern indoor planters as much as outdoor planters. Today's modern planters aren't ones that necessarily scream ‘outdoors,' owing to materials that may just as easily be applied to any design object. So, yes, if you have the option, by all means aim for modern outdoor planters that can be brought indoors when the season turns cooler, and seamlessly segue into modern indoor planters. Versatility is always a good feature in any modern design item, so should you have a choice, it's always a smart idea to choose modern planters that do the job year-round, not just when the weather warms up.

What Else to Think About When Buying Modern Planters

Besides color, material, shape, and style, the size of your planter plays an important factor in selecting the proper modern planter for your space. Depending on what type of plant you are planning to display inside or outside your home, you will want to choose a planter that provides proper seed depth and space for roots to grow, allowing for good soil contact as it increases in size. Most small plants and flowers are fine in small to medium planters, whereas trees and tall grasses do better in medium, large, and extra large planters. The larger your planter, the more versatility you can have with the plants you display and the more visual appeal you can expect to impart on your home.

Modern & Contemporary Planter FAQs

  • What is the Most Durable Material for Outdoor Planters?

Depending on the location you are planning to display your planter and the weather in your area, the best material for outdoor planters is metal thanks to their durability – they won’t chip, scratch, or crack and can be left outside to age. Galvanized steel is the strongest option and will be even more weather resistant. A close second would be recycled plastic designs

  • How Can I Water My Plants Without Drainage Holes?

If the planter you choose does not have drainage holes, fret not! Some experts suggest using a layer of pebbles as a sort of drainage layer at the bottom of your pot. This allows excess water to flow into the space with the pebbles, away from the soil, and away from the roots of your plant. When watering your plant, water sparingly and slowly to ensure your plant is damp enough, but not going to be overwhelmed by excess water.

  • Which Pots Are Best for Indoor Plants?

For displaying plants indoors, ceramic pots are a fantastic choice as they are porous, making plants less likely to suffer from root rot since the pot absorbs water. You may have to water your plants more often, but they will be healthy and happy. Plastic pots are lightweight and easy to move about your space and can be easy to clean and less likely to break. For the best of both worlds, a fiberglass planter gives you the durability of plastic and the heft of ceramic for an elegant and chic design.