Modern Outdoor Fans

Questions to Consider Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

An informed decision and roundup of stylish, yet practical options will help you get the most from your modern ceiling fan all season long.

12 Summer-Ready Ceiling Fans

Energy efficient and visually striking, modern ceiling fans are an ideal way to cool things down in summer, while circulating air evenly during the cooler months. Our favorite ceiling fans include both indoor and outdoor designs featuring cutting-edge technology, innovative materials and eye-catching beauty.

Cooling Your Space with a Modern Outdoor Fan

Utilizing a ceiling fan helps to keep the air moving to balance temperatures and spread out humidity within any screened-in porch or covered outdoor space. Modern outdoor ceiling fans are equipped with multiple features that help make your exterior home space comfortable and easily adjustable at the touch of a button. For summer heat, make sure your fan is always running counterclockwise to push cool air down lower to the ground. Depending on the size of your outdoor space, you may require more than one ceiling fan to properly help cool the area and the addition of floor fans and wall fans will ensure your patio or deck space is as refreshing as possible for family and guests. 

Choosing Which Modern Outdoor Fan Is Right For You

Modern outdoor ceiling fans come in a variety of shapes, styles, and finishes to easily fit your space and adapt to your needs. Whether looking for a ceiling fan for the indoors or out, start by determining the aesthetic or exterior design scheme you are looking to achieve. Coastal-themed fans can often have leaf-inspired designs and feature oil-rubbed bronze finishes, while Scandinavian-inspired and farmhouse modern ceiling fans can be crafted from wood with natural tones in black, white. An ultra-modern or contemporary space is perfectly outfitted with a fan with a metallic finish such as polished chrome, polished nickel, satin nickel, or bronze. Try to match the finish of your ceiling fan to the decor around your outdoor space, either the flooring, wall color, or even furniture or hardware finish for a cohesive look. 

Because the main purpose of a ceiling fan is to circulate air, it's important to next think of the fan size you will need for your space. Measure the size of your outdoor space and the height of the space from floor to ceiling to determine if you need a flush mount, downrod, or standard fan for your space. A good rule of thumb to determine the size you need is as follows:If your outdoor space is 75 square feet or smaller, the blade span should be 36 inches or less. If the outdoor space is 75 to 150 square feet, the blade span should be 36 to 42 inches. If the outdoor space is 144 to 250 square feet, the blade span should be 44 inches. If the outdoor space is 250 to 450 square feet, the blade span should be 50-54 inches. If your outdoor space is larger than this, consider using multiple large fans to keep your space refreshed and comfortable. 

What Else to Think About When Buying a Modern Outdoor Fan

Modern outdoor ceiling fans now come equipped with a ton of features that can make life easier and give you peace of mind. Different features to consider when searching for a new ceiling fan include remote control ability, wall control, smart ceiling fans that can be controlled by bluetooth on your phone or tablet, and whether or not you want a built-in lighting feature as part of the overall design. Most modern outdoor ceiling fans are outfitted with LED technology which provides a more powerful experience and overall energy-efficient design. Also be sure to look for Energy Star rated designs for the most efficient performance. 

Specifically when shopping for an outdoor space, make sure you choose a ceiling fan design that is wet-rated, that way you can rest easy knowing it will be able to stand up to unexpected weather conditions and provide quality performance all season long. 

Modern Outdoor Fan FAQs

  • What makes a good outdoor fan?

For optimal performance and long-lasting usage, ensuring the fan you select is wet-rated is crucial. Damp rated fans are ideal for covered patios, screened-in porches, or porches with ceilings, whereas wet rated designs can handle harsher conditions and are great for open-air spaces. Also look out for designs constructed with a DC motor for a more energy-efficient option that is going to run cooler and quieter than AC motors. If you’re looking for a lighting component, make sure it is LED-powered for the most energy-efficient design ready to last for years of outdoor enjoyment. 

  • How many blades should an outdoor fan have?

Outdoor ceiling fans come in a variety of different styles with different amounts of blades, but three is considered to be the most efficient and quietest design. Outdoor ceiling fans can range from four to six blades which are still perfect for cooling down your space and may be more aesthetically pleasing. Any more than six blades, the fan will not be efficient and it puts more strain on the motor meaning more unnecessary noise within your outdoor space.

  • Is an outdoor ceiling fan worth it? 

If you are thinking of installing an outdoor ceiling fan in an outdoor entertainment or lounge area, the obvious benefit is that it works to keep you cool during hot summer months by circulating air and providing a welcome breeze. The addition of a ceiling fan with an integrated lighting feature means bonus outdoor lighting for you to ensure your space can be used well into the night. Fans can also help to ward off bugs and other insects, making it harder for them to fly within the space with a ceiling fan. Lastly, you can completely customize your ceiling fan to fit the look you are looking for to properly accentuate your outdoor space and create a welcoming space for use season after season.