Iglooplay is a modern kids furniture collection from Lisa Albin Design that combines organic forms, ergonomics and a contemporary design sensibility to playfully engage both children and adults. Iglooplay designs respond to the idea that child development flourishes from contact with sculptural forms, material variation and color—a philosophy expressed in a kids furniture line comprised of bent plywood, rich colors, and soft, upholstered foam.

Craft/Work Accessory Tray
Iglooplay Craft/Work Accessory Tray $121.00
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Lima Play Table
Iglooplay Lima Play Table from $285.00
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Craft/Work Chair
Iglooplay Craft/Work Chair from $175.00
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Craft/Work Table
Iglooplay Craft/Work Table from $375.00
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Lima Cushion
Iglooplay Lima Cushion $45.00
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Mod Pad
Iglooplay Mod Pad $29.00
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Mod Rocker
Iglooplay Mod Rocker from $314.00
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Mod Topper
Iglooplay Mod Topper from $147.00
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Throwing Stones Floor Cushion
Iglooplay Throwing Stones Floor Cushion from $220.00
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