Modern Gold Chandeliers

20 Mouth-Watering Dining Room Chandelier Ideas

The very definition of statement lighting, chandeliers are designed to garner attention. Our favorite modern dining room chandeliers, featured below, are no exception, each delicious design ready to sparkle, shimmer and steal the spotlight in any dining space.

Top Bedroom Lighting Ideas For A Well-Lit Daily Routine

Brighten up your daily routine with our curated selection of bedroom lighting ideas to ensure your sanctuary is a well-balanced space of chic decor and inspired sparkle.

Use modern gold chandeliers to bring refined elegance to your home

In contemporary interior design, modern gold chandeliers are a can’t-miss addition. Combining opulence with function, chandeliers are as eye-catching and statement-making as they are useful. Despite their substantial size, chandeliers are also a space-saving solution to modern lighting. Gold is a modern take on neutral color, coordinating perfectly with decor, walls, and furnishings of any style or color. Browse the stunning selection of modern gold chandeliers at 2Modern and make a well-appointed choice for your home.

How do I incorporate a contemporary gold chandelier into my room of choice?

Modern gold chandeliers are well-suited for a number of different spaces throughout your home. Gold chandeliers are a lovely addition to your dining room, adding glamorous style and illuminating your dining table perfectly. They are also a striking, statement-making, and surprising lighting solution for your bathroom. Your modern bedroom or living room will become more sophisticated and elevated with the addition of a gold chandelier. Gold chandeliers are also an aesthetically-pleasing and exquisite choice for your foyer or entryway, welcoming guests, friends, and family and setting a stylish tone for your entire home.

What color combination should I choose in a modern gold chandelier?

Gold is a unique color choice because it comes in a number of gorgeous shades and finishes. Rose gold is a beautiful option, adding femininity and a pretty pink tone to your space. Antique gold is a traditional and timeless choice. Opt for a brushed or metallic finish to add interest and texture.

Pairing gold with other colors is another way to create depth. Choose a black and gold chandelier for a rich, elegant, high-contrast look or a white and gold fixture for a clean, layered appearance. Gold crystal chandeliers are grand and graceful, while gold chandeliers with a pop of color like blue or red are a bold and artistic option.

What shapes and sizes do contemporary gold chandeliers come in?

Modern gold chandeliers are available in a broad range of inspiring shapes. From elongated, rectangular fixtures to ultra-modern sputnik chandeliers, globes to lanterns, and linear designs to attention-grabbing hoop shapes, you’re sure to find a modern gold chandelier at 2Modern that makes the most alluring addition to your home.

Considering the scale of the furniture and decor in your space, along with the size of the room, is an important way to select the right chandelier. Mini chandeliers are well-suited for modest spaces, while bigger designs work best in spacious areas with large-scale furniture.

Choose a modern gold chandelier for a radiant addition to any space

From contemporary to mid-century modern, traditional to avant garde, and Scandinavian to modern, you’ll find the ideal solution to your lighting needs at 2Modern. Some of our best-loved modern gold chandeliers include the billiard lantern-style Thayer Linear Chandelier by Generation Lighting, the geometrically-gifted Quentin Linear Chandelier by Hinkley, the gorgeous, globe-shaped grouping offered by the Bola Sphere Chandelier by Pablo, and the dynamic, layered, textured Chaos LED Round Chandelier by Modern Forms. With these and a vast selection of other breathtaking designs, it’s easy to find the perfect gold chandelier for your home!