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Modern Concrete Coffee Tables

Give your space a raw, unique look with a modern concrete coffee table

From the patio to the living room, concrete is an unexpectedly chic material for a contemporary coffee table. Offering durability, weather resistance, and versatility, concrete is as popular as it is eye-catching. Browse the beautiful selection of concrete coffee tables available at 2Modern to tie your entire indoor or outdoor living area together in a chic and lovely way.

Tips for choosing a concrete top coffee table

First, determine whether your modern concrete coffee table will be used to complete your living room or to add functional style to your backyard living space. Outdoor tables typically offer different finishes and materials than interior tables, so it’s important to hone in on the tables that are designed for your intended use.

Next, think about the color that best complements your design aesthetic and coordinates with your other furniture and décor. Concrete top coffee tables go beyond the traditional gray shade, which is a stunning, neutral choice. If you’re hoping to incorporate an unexpected hue, go for a black or white finish. Whether you choose a real concrete table or a faux, concrete-inspired design, the color you choose will have a dramatic impact on the rest of your well-edited space.

Consider the design elements that are most important to you. Choose a table that combines concrete and wood for multi-textured, tonal charm, or opt for a design that marries concrete with metal to give your room or outdoor space a dose of raw, industrial appeal. Incorporate a glass-topped concrete coffee table into your indoor or outdoor living area for a unique, reflective, and modern look.

Lastly, decide on the table shape that would make the most beautiful addition to your indoor or outdoor living area. Round and square tables work best in small spaces, modest seating groups, and square-shaped rooms. Oval and rectangular tables are an excellent choice for large, expansive spaces, or in areas with an abundance of seating.

Frequently asked questions about modern concrete coffee tables

Q: Do concrete tables scratch easily?

A: While concrete doesn’t scratch as easily as more fragile surfaces, such as glass or marble, it is not scratch-proof. Over time, you might notice scratches and dings as your table undergoes everyday wear and tear. Luckily, these scratches typically don’t worsen or stand out - unless they’re severe.

Q: Do concrete tables stain?

A: Concrete is a porous surface. Therefore, despite the fact that most concrete table tops are sealed, staining may occur. Cleaning up spills when they occur can prevent staining, and using the proper cleaning products is helpful for this as well.

Q: How do you clean concrete coffee tables?

A: Keeping your modern concrete coffee table clean is easier than you may think. Simply brush away any loose dirt, crumbs, or debris, then use a sponge or cloth and your regular dish soap to wipe down the surface. Concrete coffee tables are low-maintenance and long-lasting. Just be sure not to use abrasives, acidic cleaners, or oils on your table, as these can damage the surface of the table.