Modern Dinnerware Sets

Delicious Design Ideas for the Modern Kitchen

From sleek and glamorous to cozy and casual, we’ve put together our top ideas for kitchen designs that inspire beauty in the heart of your home.

7 Dining Table Decor Ideas to Set the Scene

Whether you are setting the table for an evening at home, an upscale dinner soiree or simply looking to add decor to accent your dining table when not in use, we make it simple to create a welcoming spot in your home with a few easy adjustments to express your overall aesthetic and tie everything together in a well-balanced space.

Why Choose a Modern Dinnerware Set?

Whether you are looking for an upscale or casual place setting, modern dinnerware sets make it easy to have matching dishes and serving pieces for a cohesive and beautiful tablescape. From fine porcelain to durable stoneware, there are many options to choose from to suit your style and your needs. Convenience plays a big role in why you should choose a modern dinnerware set, everything is included so you do not have to buy singular pieces, so you can rest assured, your bowls, plates, and other extras all match perfectly and fit together when stacking for storage. Dinnerware sets also come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, shapes, and pieces to create a beautiful set-up for any meal or add to your growing collection. Here at 2Modern, we have a wide variety of options for any occasion and any budget so you’re sure to find the perfect dinnerware set to elevate your formal dining room or casual eat-in kitchen. 

Choosing Which Modern Dinnerware Set Is Right For You

When choosing a new modern dinnerware set, there are several key factors to keep in mind. Typical dinnerware sets are composed of a dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl. Others may include an additional cereal bowl or mug. Keeping this in mind, you want to think about the number of people you will need to provide a place setting for and how frequently you’ll use them. For a typical family, six place settings tends to be enough, while those who entertain frequently may prefer 12-16 place settings. Next, think of the level of formality for your desired dinnerware set. If it's casual, frequent meals, a more casual, stoneware design may be best as it will be dishwasher safe and easy to use in the microwave. For more formal occasions, look for fine bone china or porcelain designs – some even decked out with real gold accents for a truly elevated touch. These sets will need to be hand washed and dried and can be more time consuming to clean. Lastly, think of shape, color, and pattern. Do you want a floral accented design? Stripes? Gold rims? Round is typical of dinnerware, but square and rectangular options may often be available. White is traditional when selecting a color, but with modern dinnerware black, gray, and pops of color can be the new normal.

What Else to Think About When Buying Modern Dinnerware Sets

When purchasing a modern dinnerware set you also want to take into consideration how easy it will be to replace a piece from your collection as well as how trendy or timeless your color or pattern may be. Pure white dinnerware will never go out of style and can suit both traditional formal spaces and casual contemporary spaces alike. However, if you are opting for a pattern or colored dinnerware, make sure it is one that will suit your dining space for years to come and is not a trendy or overly bold pattern that may be out of style as your likes change throughout the years. 

Modern Dinnerware Sets FAQs

  • What is Included in a Dinnerware Set?

This depends on the set that you choose, but dinnerware sets typically include multiple place settings that include a dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl and mug or cup of some sort. Other options may include additional sizes of bowls or serving pieces. For large, comprehensive sets, flatware and platters may be included as well. 

  • What is the Best Material for a Dinnerware Set?

Despite its fragile appearance, fine bone china is actually the strongest and most durable ceramic dinnerware available. Most is dishwasher safe unless it has metallic banding, and can go in the microwave or oven. This material can be used for daily meals or more formal occasions. Stoneware is equally durable, but typically suited for more casual, everyday meals.

  • How Do You Take Care of Dinnerware?

If your dinnerware set is dishwasher safe, then it will be super easy to clean and maintain. For those pieces that are not, soaking in hot water with a bit of soap will help to remove caked on food, while scouring with a soft sponge or pad should remove any excess. This is particularly helpful for bone china pieces accented with real gold, silver, or metal that may scratch easily.